12 SEO mítosz 2020-ban, amely miatt nem kell aggódnod!

The Internet is a huge source of information, which is true in some places, sometimes fake. Unfortunately, SEO is a topic, around which a lot of myths have been built over the years. At best, these SEO myths can mislead one, but in the worst case, these myths can hurt the mood of a young trying person.

In our article today, we will collect and refute them!

  1. A SEO Voodoo

This is one of the worst lies, which is unjustified “SEO experts” tell their customers. Search engine optimization is a strategy, with which you can optimize your content for a particular search engine as much as possible. Because search engine algorithms are constantly changing, it is difficult for fake experts to keep track of every detail. Hence this SEO myth.

  1. Content, content, content?

Be & uuml; őszint nk & eacute; s; a content not all. Fact, that content matters just as much, like design, links and other factors.

  1. A loading speed not a priority

This SEO myth can really hurt you. Just think about it, how do you search for something on the internet. With so many resources available, you don’t have to wait for a page like that, which takes a long time to load. This is especially true for cell phone users, that page speed should be one of your top priorities.

  1. The link is a thing of the past

Although true, that search engine algorithms change every now and then, the links are still very important. SEO experts agree, that the links are just as important, like content. Links make your site visible to people.

  1. The higher the number of keywords, ann & aacute; l job

This SEO myth may have been true when the search engine algorithms were created early, however, search engines are now filtering out these tricks, so focus instead on a few keywords, relevant content, links and page speed!

  1. You must submit your site!

Thanks to the incredibly fast development of search engines, websites can be found within minutes.

  1. SiteMaps are useless

A SiteMap extremely important, if you want, to make it easy for search engines to find your site. Especially with the increase in the number of smartphone users. In this case, SiteMap will be your best friend.

  1. You need to refresh the homepage every day

That is the case, that every website is different, however, evergreen sites do exist. If your site works on topics like that, which require constant updating, continue and make changes at appropriate intervals! In case, if you dissect topics, which are not frequently updated, then you don't have to deal with it, to refresh the homepage every day. True, new content is very important at regular intervals.

  1. Follow the strategy of the big brands!

The, that large companies follow an SEO strategy, marketing plan doesn’t mean that yet, that it will work in your case as well. Why is this so? We, for that, because your company is not multi. User base, content and area of ​​interest, its resource is also different from other websites.

  1. Algorithm devaluations are penalties

Google will penalize a site, which they believe violates the Webmaster Guidelines. Algorithm devaluations are not the same as penalties. Some sites are experiencing good results due to algorithm changes.

  1. Social media is related to your SEO rank

This SEO myth will make you believe, that your social media sites are directly related to your SEO rank.

But the truth is, that social media only makes your brand more visible. Of course, this can be used for link building, in turn, if that’s not your main goal with it, then nothing will happen to your position.

  1. PPC increases organic rankings

PPC= pay per click, so pay per click. Most people use this for that, because you can afford it, however, to tell the truth, it will never help with organic rankings. PPC alone does not help SEO.

So these would have been those myths, which we must not believe, if you want to build a successful SEO strategy. If you also want to make your business a success, contact us with confidence, we help!

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