Those who carried out keresőoptimalizást, they know well: SEO is a complex, time-consuming process, which requires expertise and commitment. That is why any thing to be welcomed, which simplify and speed up your search engine optimization campaign. If the site is located in the WordPress CMS, We will be accessing many useful extensions.

which one you choose?

A very difficult task, however, may be more than 54 000 adapted to our needs, choose the most appropriate and effective SEO plugins from plugin. In this article 14 We offer a WordPress plugin, which is essential to the development of the site SEO. Starting with the general multi-SEO plugin from, designed for specific tasks plugins.

1, Yoast SEO

Let's start with the SEO plugin, which is probably the most popular. we are talking about a multilateral SEO plugin, which can be used for both beginners and pros. A simple Yoast, uses and intuitive plugin, which allows anyone to work. As part of detailed guidance is intended, so beginners can feel free to use.

only downside, that the extension does not analyze the entire page, because some of the content of that site elsewhere within the CMS. Which in itself is not a problem, but seeing a red alert for some customers panicked fall. However, due to strong content analysis capabilities to use highly recommend Yoast. Download:

2, All in One SEO Pack

In fact, it was created before Yoast popular alternative to SEO Pack plugin All in One. which has established itself engaged fan base early years of operation. Although the All in One offers the same facilities and services, mint a Yoast, but less user-friendly functions. Ultimately it depends on personal preferenciánktól, that this extension or a number of practical, Yoast and was offering useful solutions are used to achieve these goals SEO. guests:

3, The SEO Framework

The SEO framework provides a fast and automated system for users. But what's even more important, all this makes ad-free, so it can be less tiring for most of us, such as the use of Yoast. True, that this module is not as readily available, mint a Yoast, however, it is not at all difficult to use. Expedient, that if you stick to the absolute beginner as Yoasthoz, but if we are aware of the basics of search engine optimization, SEO can be the framework viable alternatives. Downloadable:

4, Redirection

Definitely this plugin should use our, to solve the problem of broken links, or broken links to websites showing redirecting. worthy of the name, using a single extension, We can handle all kinds of redirection within easy reach, quickly create new redirects, goals and assign them. Available:

5, Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Perhaps the biggest headaches for page load speed is used to cause a lot for SEO. The most common cause of slow loading images size. saving a lot of time and effort it, if not individually, begin to resize images manually, but also use this extension. Thanks to smash all the pictures can be found on a single website, which may be compacted touch of a button, and to optimize. There is no better way to, that pesky problem of load speed doctors recommend a minimum of effort. Available:

6, W3 Total Cache

Similarly intended to improve page-load speed of the W3 Total Cache is. In addition, however, can contribute to improving click-through rates, whereby efficiency, and speed will be improved.
The WP personal favorite is the fastest cache guests:

7, WP-Optimize

newer devices, which can help spring cleaning done on the website. The WP-Optimize your WordPress database clean our, which frees up space, and improves the overall efficiency of the page. A database is more efficient means better performance and faster page. Download free version:

8, Google XML Sitemaps

Enhance your job search engines. Add our site XML Sitemaps, to help further explore our website. This tool allows you to quickly and easily create site-map without using a third-party tool. Of course, the finished XML, do not forget to send in your Google Webmaster Tools does not. also it suggested, test it to make videos and pictures in this highly useful tool. Downloadable:

9, Broken Link Checker

The name is mandatory. The Broken Link Checker is used to identify broken links on your site. These can undermine the entire structure of the web, as well as to frustrate users. With the plugin will be revealed to the broken links, and action is needed to make those repairs. guests:

10, All In One WP Security & Firewall

indubitable, that search engines are very serious about the security of the site. There is nothing worse experience, like when you visit a web page after a user "enriched" or a machine infected with malware. Consequently, Breaking the site is very busy adverse effect on our place in the ranking.
Exactly why was set up in WP Security All In One & Firewall devices, which aims, a site to be safe, than the gold reserves at Fort Knox. Make sure, however,, that the website has the necessary SSL certificate. Downloadable:

11, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Not only counts the number of visitors! Today, the search engines also take into account, how quickly users to leave your site after viewing the page. So dedicate time to the general bounce rate should (bonuncing rate) reduction. To this end, we need to encourage users to act clearly, for example in the form of typing possibilities commented. However, if this does not succeed, the YARPP a handy option, which is working on algorithms to determine the most effective related records. A great tool for users to maintain and bounce rate decrease. guests:

12, All In One Schema.Org Rich Snippets

Good points we can get the search engines, if using Schema nominations, i.e. structured data. True, it has not been proven, that the data itself would be structured ranking factor. At the same time it has enough charm to, sites with structured data to stand out in search results.
Of course, the best, If all of this is achieved manually. However, this plugin can help configure, thus bridging this transitional period. Download: You'll want to check the settings here: = hu

13, Akismet

Avoid spamming! The Akismet plugin for the most popular spam comments can manage, and to prevent the odd comments. SEO perspective preventing potentially harmful links, which usually tend to appear in the commentary. Basically installed with WordPress only be activated.

14, AMP a WordPressnek

Today, the website traffic has more than half (!) come from mobile devices. According to Google's announcement is coming soon page load speed is a ranking factor in mobile devices. in one word: if we have not already done so, you can immediately install the AMP-t (Accelerated Mobil Pages). With this open source extension because we can create pages in a simple way, They play a mobile device can quickly and seamlessly. The Accelerated Mobile Pages feature will be greater for users of mobile page speed, which saves a lot of backups. guests:

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