While all the resources of enterprises, poured their time and money to Google and Facebook, one of the most used platform or less ignored: Pinterest.

That place, where many people find the recipes and variety of DIY projects, in fact, one of the most effective marketing platform.

The strategically my site Pinterest seohun.hu In three months, I was able to double traffic to my site, and exponentially increase your email list for.

about prior use of Pinterest Strategies 2000 It was subscribers. Twelve months after the introduction of the system of strategic Pinterest 40 000 It was my users. Now, nearly two years after 200 000 I approach subscriber. It's a kind of madness.

And this increase in traffic and new subscribers also grew rapidly. In one year I have achieved 5x revenue literally strategies using Pinterest! Seriously, Pinterest is the secret weapon, and now I want to achieve, to be yours.

Look at these three basic strategies Pinterest, that helps, this often neglected to turn in their marketing platform erőművedre – regardless, to work for one segment or industry.

1. Create a profile, which attracts the right people.

When you first create a blog or a business, What is the first thing, what most experts advise? Choose your target audience.

A Pinterest account is no different from.

One common mistake, what people do to Pinterest, the, They do not dictate the content and profile of their target audience. If you want to see the great results Pinterest, you need to create an account, which is specifically targeted at the right people.


First of all, me get into the main area. In this area it is important to carry out three things:

  1. A brief about me, which explains, who you are, how helping others and allows other people to participate.
  2. a normal, photo friendly
  3. Keywords behalf profile.

Now the profile photograph: In this case, I suggest, to get natural light and smile. You do not need a fantastic camera system, since most mobile phone camera will do.

Finally, you need to add keywords to your profile. Thus, the more likely your profile will appear, when someone searches for one of the keywords in the Pinterest or Google.

For example, I create content for entrepreneurs and bloggers, My name is so pinterest: SEO Hungary

Entrepreneur + SEO Hungary.” So if someone is looking for a theme like this, you have the chance, to show up in search results. In addition, super easy for people, to see, whereas deal, Pinterest when viewed my profile.

2. Make your SEO is Pinterest.

Once you've created a profile on Pinterest, it is time to, to dive into the big things, for example, by implementing SEO Pinterest.

Wait, me?

Many people confuse the other social media platforms Pinterest, such as Facebook and Instagram. But far from Pinterest is a social media page. Instead of a search Pinterest, such as Google.

Because Pinterest is a search engine, We must be a reality Search Engine Optimization-et (SEO). The SEO is a term, which is essentially, that “optimize your content, so the search results are displayed in a first place.”

If you're using Google and you type a word or phrase, you will get the articles and web pages you want to read, which can keep it useful and relevant to the topic searched terms.

The work the same way Pinterest. The algorithms can also be used to Pinterest, to find and rank the content that they think will be the most relevant to users.


Remove all of the table, which are irrelevant to your ideal audience, and create new tables, which will be the search. Overall, we recommend, at least 20 whether your profile page.

Warning: If you delete the entire table, you can delete those followers, who follow a specific forum.

Give your keywords tables overview.

Do not leave the table empty descriptions. This is a valuable place to, to add keywords, Pictograms which the index will look to Pinterest.

This is important for several reasons. First, the tables themselves can rank in Google.

This means, that if someone types a phrase into Google, Pinterest is the forum for the most sought after appear on search results. It could agree to the new followers, with your site visitors and email subscribers of.

secondly, the users of Pinterest “boards” according to organize, if you are looking for something. The adding keywords, the forum you increase the likelihood of a description of, pinterest to rank these results.

Give strategic instructions.

The pin is really the gateway to the rest of the brand, so here we need the greatest effort.

Regardless, the other thing that you write descriptions, hold on or not Don'ts, Description of content needed.

What this guide contains?

One of the main principles of SEO, Use keywords to, to attract the right people. Why would anyone, to find this pint? Make a list of 5-10 long-tail key word, then add the best description of the pin.

What is the long keyword ? We, This is a minimum 2-3 word keyword. View, If you enter the “pin” General descriptions of terms, for example the “fitness” and that “healthy” sz & COLLISION t, will compete using such simple terms are millions of people.

In addition, when people are looking for in the search engines, rarely seek common words.

You should.

so, If one “How to become a vegan 5 easy steps” article entitled, the keywords are not, sample “vegan” or the “vegetarian”. too general. Instead, you use words, such as: “How to become a vegan” obsession “Easy vegan recipes”. Remember: Use the phrases, are seeking the public, You can earn as.

Not sure, what to look for Pinterest? We, Fortunately, very easy to find Pinterest! Simply jump over Pinterest, enter some general keywords (for example “vegan”), hit “enter” -t, and see, what do you propose to Pinterest!

The picture above suggested phrases such as Pinterest, sample “vegan lifestyle” and the “vegan recipes”. Even goes a step further (One of the keywords) more Specific), and search those (for example “veg lifestyle”), Pinterest has to offer them more proposals.

Following 3-4 excellent keywords / find expressions, Fill them with the pin descriptions! Take a look at the image below, to see, that these pins are rich descriptions with keywords:

View, if you use the keywords pins, it dramatically increases the likelihood, You will see that ideal audience, when they are searching for something on Pinterest.

So the SEO Pinterest

  • create a tables, which target the ideal audience.
  • Give your keywords tables overview.
  • Strategic descriptions add.

3.Every time, When you publish a new blog post, put it in Pinterest.

Schedules content to Pinterest.

Pinterest is a popular two-scheduler BoardBooster and downwind . I use and I like the BoardBooster was personally.

The BoardBoosteron very easy schedule. Simply paste the content of a planned “secret” forum, BoardBooster then automatically publish to the period established pursuant to Pinterest.

If you are publishing new content on a daily basis, then you increase the chances of, Pins appear that someone on top of home page (eventually more follower, and has a turnover of subscribers!).

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