The convergence of SEO and content marketing was one of the driving forces in recent years.

According to the latest survey of marketers 97% -in these two areas considered as a converged disciplines.

Given, traffic coming to your website 51 percentage is probably organic search, I believe, the integration between the two previously separate silos is increasingly important to understand the transition.

It is time to, that smart marketers, making use of intelligent approach to content marketing.

The intelligent content:

  1. Easy to find
  2. optimized
  3. Profitable, measurable

To improve the performance of content content should be created, which is more suitable for users.

The intelligent content improves efficiency and ROI, as it would be recognized and palatable.

The data collectors know the search results marketers identify trends, and the ever-popular topics, that the target audience would like to address your posts or articles. The data provides a key insight into consumer intentions, and the topics they need to create a content, which serves this audience.


Smart content in context

The intelligent content about, to undertake financial investments in content development, and more efficient, manage data-driven strategy. This is different from the content, which has been produced to brand, We pay more attention to brand clients and intent are subject to, how visitors interact with the content produced by the company.

Over the past few years, the potential of technology and marketing skills have shown tremendous growth. Even the SERP-en is, you can see the impressive improvement in the ability, to understand the content, that users are likely to want to be regarded as.

The Smart Content makes it possible for marketers, to publish materials, that are ready to search engines, from the moment, it posted on the Internet, and more traffic, engagement and profitability show. Those marketers, who learn, how to integrate this strategy creation process of content, better they will understand, what the client wants to read.

5 Go to the intelligent content

1. Understand, Of

Make sure, to know exactly, whose content is aimed at. The intelligent content is directed, it introduces the right time to the right audience at the right time content.

2. Find out, my

Once identified the target audience, then measure accurately, be elemzeni, what they want to read, wondering what. look at it, what users are searching for, observe the increasing trends.

3. Optimization

A SEO and content related to only one part of the digital marketing process, All content should be created to optimize the start, so that later you do not need to optimize your content again. This will increase the effectiveness and impact of the material is created.

4. Control

The data and analysis remains the key to create a successful Intelligent Content. Learn about the content of the objective pursued, for example, the visitor rates, or in connection with conversions ranking, and define the KPIs, which make it possible to measure the effects.

5. finally

Focus on helping your performance content, and set up strategies.

The content and topics, that do not lead value, We need to reduce the content plan, and it must be completed to expand the content well. Use of indicators in order, to understand better, how they respond to each customer's content.

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