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A SEO texts preparation is not only the keywords is about the use of, but it also includes many other things. These help to improve the quality of that content, which Google also detects during indexing, and ultimately rewards you with better rankings on the hit lists.

In this article 8 any tips can be read, with which they become better a SEO our texts.

1. Write quality content:

This is the most important rule, since we adhere in vain to the other points to come, without quality content, that material will not work.

2. Use short paragraphs:

Short paragraphs make the entry more readable, so it is worth as a rule 3-4 to start another sentence by sentence. You also have to pay attention, so that these units are not too short, if we insert only one sentence everywhere, it will look live, as a list of ingredients on a recipe page.

3. Use headings:

Organize contiguous paragraphs into units, to which we give our own subtitle. Transparency is also improved this way, a reader will already see it by looking at the headlines, that our article is good, and starts reading all the way through.

4. Insert lists:

If we have a paragraph, which lists similar data, put them in a numbered or simple list. This way we do not burden the visitor with a lot of information, but can process them at its own pace. And you can easily return to this section later, as the list is always well visible in the article.

5. Add additional materials:

We can also make it easier to read, if the texts are broken with additional elements. One picture at a time, video or other content may also carry extra information, that is why we must always pay attention to it, to use only related materials.

6. Use text formatting:

From the coherent text, we can also highlight what we have to say by formatting the words. If bold, we make each part italicized or underlined, it is clear from afar in the article. They are also ideal for that, to grab the attention of those readers, who just run through the topic quickly instead of reading, and it is on such highlights that their eyes catch their eye.

7. Redirect the reader with internal links:

If we want to, to get our readers to reach related content as well, then we can control them by inserting internal links. Because such references you can just click on it or not, so they have no choice but to choose the direction. Well-written beginner content already arouses the visitor’s interest, therefore, we can also use the links to forward them to our offers or products. The conversion will be greatly improved, because trust has already been built.

8. Insert a table of contents:

This is especially important for medium-length or even more detailed articles, to use a table of contents at the beginning of the article. This gives you an immediate overview of the main topics, by which the interested person can jump to the desired part. Google also prefers this solution, because it facilitates indexing.

SEO writing
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