If we are going to search engine optimization campaign, it is not at all guaranteed, that we will be successful. indeed, The majority of SEO campaigns certainly end in failure! But we also should not be defeated with SEO. Just we have to ask the question next week, to determine: e SEO campaign is on track?

1. We set realistic goals?

If a business more products, or offering services, it is easy to fall into the trap of excessive expectations. They are the companies, who has been from the beginning of all their products, our services or would like to get the top spot on Google, and Bing search engines. Such search engine optimization "is almost certainly doomed to failure, for dissipate our energies instead suggest setting realistic goals. It is the first time we focus on a single product or service, After achieving success we can go on to the next, and so on. We will achieve better results in the gradual SEO strategy, as if to fire up unrealistic goals.

2. We have a real time frame and budget?

Experience, many companies that you want to achieve immediate results, while the minimum amount (the) willing to pay for. basically, the greater the competition for the industry, more time and more money is needed for a successful SEO campaign. Do not expect "miracles" within days, because - especially for start-ups - usually many months of hard work will bear fruit with SEO.

3. We chose right keywords?

A common mistake, which is almost always unsuccessful SEO campaign: optimizing for the wrong keywords. If we choose the keywords based on the customers' search habits that we assumed instead of specific data, then most likely we are going poorly chosen keywords. Solution is the keyword data analysis, and that is good keyword research tool recognized (pl. Google Analytics) You should carry out and / or Google adwords runs.

4. Really Better SEO campaign brings traffic?

When measuring bounce rates is primarily related to organic search traffic page campaign's success (bounce rate) to Consider. (The "turning back", or more properly, "bounced off" customers since only a very short time - less, mint 10 seconds - visited our site.). In this case, the content of the website is not in line with the intentions of visitors search. However, if you experience a high bounce rate for each user type, then this may indicate a more serious past problems regarding our website. Unfortunately this is not always true, because if you get your visitors are looking for information such as. phone, you can also exit, so the bounce rate does not give real information!

5. We have a professional website?

indubitable, that the effectiveness of search engine optimization starts with professional website, which has been able to seize the visitors to the website with you on arrival. A poorly designed website because discredit the particular brand, Visitors to the participation, and - measuring the degree of success is considered to be - leads to a decrease in click-throughs. During the evaluation of our website therefore ask the following questions:

  • Is it obsolete or professionally designed website?
  • Is it intuitive, user needs is a "creator" navigation system?
  • Is it user friendly devices in the tablet and smartphone, responsive?
  • It has positive to purchasers, and negative feedback?

6. Really we provide content of interest to customers?

If you uninteresting content to users, then this could be another reason for the lack of involvement visitors. Do not just write content, to gain the favor of search engines! We need to develop a content strategy, which gives adequate answers to the questions and concerns of our customers. All this will be evaluated in prospective clients as well, thus more likely to, to become paying buyers.

7. We track the data and performed repairs, improvements?

Another critical point in terms of the success of SEO Campaign. It would be wrong, however,, if only we dare effectiveness based on a data point, like in the ranking number of local or phone calls from our company.
If you look at all the data points, based on, the system is working together, It will be easier to find and fix defects. For example, a number of reasons, in addition to poor conversions and good traffic classification (pl. too few keywords, poor design, etc). As for the image of the entire SEO campaign can bring serious changes regarding ....


Verily, Most of the SEO campaign is doomed to failure! However, what our campaign does not have to be like this! If any of the above questions, We also answered "no" or which one, We now know where you made mistakes during the campaign, We need to change and what points.

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