A megfelelő kulcsszavazás titkai, avagy hogyan írj sikeres tartalmakat 2022-ben?

We all know, to write the right content - for a web page, blog or social media page- essential thing. Not just to retain readers and prospective customers and attract new ones, but also to increase search results.

Therefore, it does not matter, what content we share on our pages. As well as how and in what text size we communicate them. Let's look at it in broad lines, what conditions to calculate exactly.

Keywords - the central elements of content production

Keywords are important for two reasons: crawlers use this to identify our site, what we sell, what services we provide or what kind of website we have. It also matters a lot in terms of marketing. Read the relevant keywords on the page as many times as possible, the type of services and offerings of the business is more fixed in us. Plus, over time, the more likely we are to buy a product or use a service, the more times we’ve heard or read about it.. That is, if, for example, we sell women's clothing, then it is most optimal if you are a keyword group (which we work with and describes our activities and offerings) for example, “women’s clothing” and “fashionable clothing for women” and so on. This is it, which should most often be heard on the page. This is in the introduction, in product specifications and blogs, as well as other surfaces.

It is important to note that as well, that positive affirmative indicators are also important as a complement to keywords. If we come to the example of “women's clothing”, then not just plain "women's dress", "Women's clothing", stb. be in the sentences. But often use positives alongside it: fashionable, stylish, pretty, well groomed, stb… It's not just that SEO good in terms of, but also a strong incentive to buy.

The other reason for the right content is a Google and operation of other search robots. Google's crawlers crawl pages according to specific algorithms. This crawl decides, what our reach will be (that is, how many search results list our site) without that, that we would pay for it. We are not talking about a one-off process. These robots are constantly crawling our site, and organized into search categories based on keywords. You can save a lot of money with content written with the right keywords.

In addition, live pages are always ranked first by the search engine, like them, which have not had any updates for a long time. Therefore, proper keyword posting includes continuous content publishing. For example, we occasionally post blog posts. Or at a web store in the meta search engine of our products, We consciously use the words in our descriptive data sheet. Products are updated frequently, so there’s a little better way to sort things out there.

Of course, that doesn't mean it, that we should repeat the given keywords in each sentence indefinitely. A For SEO content because readability is important. On the one hand, it makes the site more attractive, on the other hand, Google's robots endowed with artificial intelligence aren't completely "stupid" either. Therefore, copied content, for example, is not suitable either. This content is "not taken seriously" by search engines. It is compared to the first published source, and in all other cases they do not respond to it. Therefore, we always share original content. The unique, text with the right content is the only way to do that, to really produce results.

In summary:

when creating content, always choose the right keywords for your offer. Let's write a topic from these, be included in the content often - but not to the extent that is already appealing or boring to the reader.
Regularity is also important. Writing a webpage once does not bring success. Constantly appearing, updated entries are required. Live pages always get higher in the search engine. Don't copy, because it will not work.

How to find the right keyword?

From an SEO standpoint, the best keyword is not always the one, what most people are looking for. This is because the terms with the most search rates mean a lot more competition. Of course, that doesn't mean it, that we neglect average search terms. However, be sure to use a few terms as well, which is not the most common - say moderately popular. How do we know what these terms are? A Google in your keyword designer we are well informed about it, what words are searched for. Of course, there are other sites for this. A good portion of them also retrieve keywords for the websites we link to. This can also be practical, since we can see, what keywords your competitor is working on. That alone can help us, to create promising and SEO-friendly content.

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