As we focus more and more on search engine optimization, we will need analytical, research tools or tools to monitor results. It's no different then either, if we work with an SEO expert, in which case these services make it easier, that they & eacute; RTS & uuml; s, mi t & ouml; & rt eacute; nik.

In this article, the 5 best SEO tool to learn, which are definitely worth a try.

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools, after Google, this company has the second most robots, which constantly reviews content on the Internet. For this reason, you do not need to rely on data provided by Google, rather, it serves those interested from its own database.

Ahrefs can be used for keyword research, to audit the website, to analyze competitors, and to keep track of our own rankings. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive compared to Hungarian wallets, although there is one 1 can be used for weeks, trial subscription, which we can use once.

This tool is a free service from Google, and is highly recommended for all website owners. A few days after your association, we can already receive data from our site, where l & aacute; thatn, what keywords visitors came to us with, how many times we appeared on the hit lists, on average in how many places, and what the clickthrough rate was.

In addition, we can filter this data down to the smallest detail. We can specify, exactly which date range interests us, but the entire site is up to the individual subpages, You can also view the results of entries. We can provide this by submitting sitemaps, to make it easier for Google to index our site, and by reading the error messages we find out, what problem the search giant found during indexing. Because it's all free, therefore, there is no reason to do so, not to take advantage of this excellent service.

SEMRush is another cannon in the market besides Ahrefs. Not just an SEO tool, but useful throughout marketing. It is very easy to analyze the competition with it, in addition, the advanced topic research part is great for exploring new topics.

SEMRush also works from its own database, therefore, it also provides accurate data on topics such as, where Google refrains from publishing keywords. Its pricing follows Perfectly Ahrefs prices, therefore, it is usually considered expensive for private purposes, on the other hand, it is one of the favorites of Hungarian SEOs.

A MOZ, formerly known as SEOMoz, is also an excellent alternative to the aforementioned paid services, of course, it maintains its own database in the same way, therefore, it does not rely on Google. One of the oldest players on the market, many SEO favorites, a browser extension called MOZbar is also great for analyzing results lists and websites.

This software is also very good for keyword research, for link analysis, to audit the website and track rankings. Due to the high competition, MOZ costs almost the same, such as Ahrefs or SEMRush, but in only one case 30 it also offers a day trial for those interested.

This service is also a free product from Google, where the popularity of a topic can be traced back a decade. Few have used it before, but its role has increased due to the advance breakthrough in content marketing.

All we have to do is type in the term that interests us, and the software shows it exactly, how much interest afterwards. This is based on Google searches, therefore, it can be used very well to research emerging niche markets, this allows us to create content about something even then, before the onslaught of visitors exploded at him. The data can also be limited to Hungary, therefore, it is also excellent for modeling domestic trends.

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