Az unalmas blogbejegyzések 5 ismérve – avagy hogyan NE írj blogot, ha szeretnéd megtartani olvasóidat

Boring blog posts 5 criteria - or how NOT to write a blog, if you want to keep your readers

It is now completely common, that if a business wants to promote itself, then write a blog. And a corporate blog can be good for a lot of things. It helps to present our activities, it brings the seller closer to the buyer and makes it easier for them to find us on Google’s search engine. So it’s not worth neglecting blogging at all. However, if we do all this incorrectly, then we can easily achieve the opposite effect with it. So what are the flaws, which we should NOT do in such cases?

Uninteresting topics

There is no such topic, which could not be made exciting. If you turn us the professional enjoyment of the cream to dry, it is given by factual lines of numbers and we love to write about it, then we won’t reach too many people with it. This is because the interests of the target group and our own interests do not necessarily intersect. For example, if you want to promote a bakery with blogging, then quite a few people will probably be interested, what brand of industrial grinder and how many speeds we grind the flour. However, they will find it much more interesting, why it should be ground, or what’s the secret to delicious pastries. So fancy blog posts always follow the interest of your target audience - which we can easily shoot, if we know who is buying from us. This also determines the needs of the readers of the blog. However, it is not a good idea to bring up hacked topics while writing a blog, that is, those entries, which can be found on every similar page. Let's try to find topics, which not many have written about yet and may be of interest to the target audience.

Wrongly chosen style

Always tailor your writing to your own target audience, therefore, it is definitely worth specifying it beforehand. The younger age group will not be rewarded with the adultery, overly rigid style. In the same way, older people will not have a favorite literature full of slangs. So we know who we want to write to, and address them in their own language.

Blog posts are too long

The length of the blog is always tailored to the topic. However, if possible, one entry should not be longer 6000 characters. This length gives plenty of space to explain the topic, however, it does not tire the reader. Blogs longer than this are preferred to chapters, and share them in separate entries. Even the most exciting themes will make you fall asleep, if they write a short novel about them - so be sure to pay attention to that. Shorter topics can be at ease 2500-3500 characters are long. Entries shorter than this are unlikely, to tie the reader. A 2500 character posts are best suited for galleries or videos - they're visual content as a good supplementary text.

Use inappropriate keywords

To that, so that the entry appears in the appropriate place in the search engine, the ideal is essential keywords election. This post is about blogging, for example, therefore, in many cases, the “blog, Blog Entry, theme ”. This will help those interested in it, to find the page - and it gets better in the reader, what is the topic of the blog, and exactly what website you are on.


In vain can a blog theme be good and the post exciting, if it completely strains the eyes of readers. Unstructured texts are not only difficult to follow, but they can also become confusing in the eyes of readers. It is much better to break down your entry into subheadings and smaller subtopics. This makes it easy to understand, our blog post becomes readable.

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