To support the campaign management slowly released into the Bing Ads Color-coded labels All accounts worldwide.

Bing Ads campaigns with specific labels, ad groups, ads and / or keywords associated with. The labels can add color and text data, to help advertisers analyze their performance.

If you have multiple ads from the same association Promotion, for example, tags can be added, which enables advertisers to quickly be able to identify these ads.

When this feature was introduced to account, a new “labels” menu appears, where you can add and remove labels Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords tab.

Will 50 tag can be assigned to an item. Following the addition filters can capture the data sought by this label.

The labels can analyze the performance of the Dimensions tab, where new reports are added each type of label.

If Google AdWords supports a similar function labels, Import AdWords data to the Bing ads also tag transmits all set.

The labels will soon be available on the Bing Ads web interface, Bing Ads Editor for Windows and soon for Bing Ads Editor for Mac.

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