If you could work in Google in a day, how you work & aacute; t want to do & aacute; to live?

I love & eacute; s work in the div & I buy; zi & oacute; in, wherein researcher & aacute; st v & eacute; gauzes AI-r & oacute; l & eacute; s physician know & aacute; Birch & oacute; l. Love & eacute; s diagnosis & aacute; to live the preventi & eacute; geke. Id & eacute; n ny & aacute; ron went to a “mini medical school” t & aacute; borba, wherein a node & oacute; disszekci & oacute; t & aacute they had; lnom, I really liked it.

& Uacute; Eng heard, to I & aacute; lta the Hangouts are & aacute; ltat & aacute; Sait & I buy the correct r & aacute; and m & eacute; h & practicing aacute; s & aacute; to, could t & ouml; tell about Bbeta?

We have a chat with Speller & eacute; s in the Hangout, & Eacute; and when you bring the National Good & I buy; r & aacute; s-m & eacute; hhez, a m & aacute; planar bring Speller & aacute; receive a chat & eacute; Sheza. People use & aacute; lj & aacute; s & eacute to chat; st, to share & aacute; s & aacute source of strength, a lot, how to learn & eacute; s & kv they buy; zelhessenek different are each & aacute; red, I buy & that helps; in the words of knowledge & bőv I buy; t & eacute; s & eacute; in. When we talk Hangouts & eacute; lget & eacute; st (vide & oacute; instead of t) I & aacute; ltam, autokorrektum the correct & I buy; r & aacute; and m & oacute; dba & dist uuml; l, ami val & oacute; ban vid & aacute; m. The words are so strange, autokorrect that do not recognize them. Much S & eacute; rtettem the autokorrektumot.

There is a No. & oacute;, which is always visits? Or maybe it was & ouml; rt & eacute; nik me?

When I was younger, always screwed up the “mozzarellát”. Now k & ouml; & aacute No. nnyebb; momra tal & aacute; to live the words, as they stepped out of the language & aacute; about & oacute; l & eacute; s & aacute sets of words; sation & oacute; l, It buys &; Eng Kitale & aacute; & oacute by either a filter; t & aacute Case; rmaz & aacute; si by language & aacute; n. Less es & eacute; ly have the, to miss a No. & oacute; t, because no larger & oacute; funds are.

What is the next step? You buy the right to continue & r & aacute; and m & eacute; burdens representing?

I do not know & uacute, tore compete, because M & aacute; r I won the national competition, but j & ouml; begin to open the m & eacute Vore; h & eacute; t. Now I go to Matematik & aacute; ba & eacute; s & aacute to know; nyba. The Seventh & eacute; go vfolyamra, & Eacute; s the & uacute j hobby will debate.

If you could have a marokainb & oacute; k l & eacute; No & uuml; l Clothing, What can I buy & Case, Nu would?

I'll & aacute; good & LNI I buy; r & aacute; and m & eacute; c h & oacute; t: cerulean * (azaz & eacute; gsz RIVER nk & eacute; k).

* The editor ote & eacute; se: What & ouml; & uacute During a our interview; place & aacute; n I took notes, Buy & Ananya cloud immediately, the ECF cerulean (not Cirko & aacute; ris, than I thought) & Iacute; r & aacute; somat. Or J & oacute;.

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