E-kereskedelmi feladatlista 2022: 30 tipp hogy igazán termeljen a webshopod

There are plenty of things you can do to optimize your webshop for even the users, even with respect to Google. That is why we have compiled this list, to help cover all critical points. Although the article does not cover everything, yet if you go through the ones listed below, you can expect significant improvement SEO on the square, and you can have more customers.

Site-wide e-commerce listing:

The first part of our e-commerce to-do list is about those changes, which guarantee the operation of your webshop. Some of the tips listed here will help SEO-ban, but most importantly, that each guarantees an improved user experience for visitors to your site.

1. Continuous brand building

The first thing you should pay attention to is the continuity of brand building. Your branded or logo is pure, appear prominently on your homepage and in the title of your page. It inspires confidence and helps you build your business, in promoting both offline and search engine results.

2. Use social media buttons and a newsletter to subscribe to

Newsletters and social media are the easiest ways to do that, to get your customers back to your site. Put them that way on your side, to attract attention. Add the buttons for your social media pages to your site at least in the footer (use icons, links, widgets), but if you have enough space in your header it is also excellent. Promote your newsletter in the sidebar, this is best done by following the scrolling. A little extra will always help motivate your visitors to sign up.

3. Take care of the things you need to navigate the page

Provide for users, to access the most important pages from the main menu.
Product pages, the cart and customer service should be easily accessible, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions, such as shipping fee and payment options. If users do not find these pages, it will be difficult for you to shop on your site.

4. Use SSL and security seal

This is an essential thing to build trust: If your site has an SSL certificate, you will see a small green padlock in the title bar for your customers, which informs them about it, that they can shop with you in a safe environment. It helps them, to provide them with the personal information they need to make a purchase without worry, for example, an address, credit card details, stb…
You can also add a security seal to your page, which makes your web store even more reliable.

5. Run the webshop on your mobile as well!

Don't forget about mobile browsers! Shopping on a smartphone is one of the most common things these days. Very important, so that your interface is properly optimized for mobile as well.

6. Pay attention to the speed of your website

When it comes to speed, we think of the speed of appearance on the pc and mobile interface.
People these days don’t like to wait long, we are getting used to the lightning fast internet connection that is available anywhere. Important, so that your webshop can load quickly with minimal internet traffic. Moreover, the Google ranks those pages that are faster in the search results.

7. Introduce your company: add a "About Us" page.

People like to know the company they are buying from. Who is behind it? What a story? What motivates you? If our values ​​are the same, our beliefs with customers, we are sympathetic to them, much more likely, to return to our shop at another time. A “About Us” page, possibly a group photo of the employees will help build a relationship between the company and the customers.

Home page

It's not absolutely necessary SEO optimize the home page of your website, although this should not be completely neglected either. There are a few things you can do to help, that those who end up on your site should be your customers:

8. Display featured products

You should maintain a prominent place on the home page for your featured products: for the products that are your main items on your sales list. This will be an immediate stimulus for your visitors, and a great way to raise awareness, whether they are in the right place, did they find the right webshop they were looking for.

9. Post irresistible promotions

Post it on your homepage to get attention, irresistible actions. These are, of course, constantly changing, for example, if you want to sell a particular product, you might want to post such promotions, or even periodic promotions like Black Friday. You post any action, be easily removable on the site and tailored to the needs of your customers.

Product Finder and Categories

If you have a good website that is one thing, but if visitors can’t find the products they’re looking for, they will not really benefit from your webshop. That’s why the next part of our e-commerce to-do list is about that, how to make your products easy to find on your site for browsers.

11. Use product categories

The way you set up product categories matters a lot to your visitors. Categories help you quickly and easily access several different product groups for them, who is not sure exactly which product I would like to buy. Amazon, for example, has plenty of categories, yet it is clearly transparent. This is also due to it, that it uses reasonable subcategories in addition to the appropriate designation. Imagine yourself in the place of your customers, and go through the categories of your webshop. The classifications seem logical? These terms would be used by an average buyer? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track.

12. Post relevant introductory content on category pages

In addition to using appropriate names for the categories, share introductory content on the pages of each category, which describe the common denominators of the products in the category. This is very useful in defining the theme of your pages, especially for search engines.

13. Add thumbnails – preview images for your products

In most cases, product images say more than a thousand words. This is especially true for pages that don’t even have enough space for long descriptions, such as your category page or internal search results page. An eye-catching preview image of a particular product will motivate customers, to click on it. A good thumbnail image makes it easy for customers, to choose from a long list of products from the categories or the search results page.

14. Have promotions in your reviews

In addition to stunning thumbnails, review pages also need buying incentives, it covers so much, that you allow your customers to, to add that product directly to the cart from the category or search engine results page. Although this is not always possible with all products, yet you should apply it whenever you can. There are webshops, which allow, for example, to choose the right color and size for a pair of jeans, to open the product page. Choose the solution that suits you best, Add ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Pay’ to the overview pages. Simple. :)

Product pages

Maybe you’ve put a lot of effort into creating your product pages, but you're sure, that nothing is missing, nothing can be improved? This part of our list will help, to make your product pages as executed as possible.

15. Add high resolution images to your products

Provide high-resolution images for your products that customers can zoom in on, and present the product from several different angles. Listen to him, that even the filenames of the uploaded images matter for SEO.

16. Write detailed, impressive product specifications

Optimizing category pages is often much easier than optimizing product pages. If locks, you sell screws or nails, it takes a lot of time and energy, to create unique and eye-catching product descriptions for each page. And if you want, so that your product pages also rank well in search engine results, then you have to take the time to optimize them.

17. Be clear about your prices

We don’t win enough to stress: be clear. If you add surprise extra costs during the purchase process such as various taxes or shipping costs, it will bake backwards. This will likely cause your customers to cancel the operation, instead of ordering. Be clear about the costs involved (if any) from the beginning. You can also use this to your advantage, for example, if you offer free shipping over a certain amount of purchase.

18. Allow customers to comment on products

Building trust is important for any webshop. Authentic customer reviews help a lot in this. What we usually suggest about websites that also display third-party reviews, to copy a few to your own website. For example, a widget can be a great way to display third-party ratings. For best results, share them for your promotions.

19. Promote related products

If you know the interests of your customers, then turn it to your advantage. If someone buys an iPhone from your webshop, you will probably need to add a case as well, and maybe you’ll want one of those expensive wireless headphones (they are really not cheap). However, who has just paid the full price for a brand new iPhone may not find them so expensive. If you add a related / similar products section to your page, perhaps “others have bought this yet”, it will encourage your visitors to make further purchases. We strongly recommend using this.

20. Use purchase incentives on your product pages

Your visitors will need the “Add to Cart” button on their product pages to make a purchase. Don't hide it! Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer webshops where the “Add to Cart” button is too crowded on the site, yet we would draw your attention to it, to make sure it’s flashy enough. This is especially true, for example, if you use other similar buttons, for example, "Add to Wishlist". It is essential that the “Add to Cart” button be the most flashy, largest on product pages.

21. Indicate the stocks

Nowadays, the availability of products determines sales. It is full of internet webshops and people will want to buy from that shop, which will deliver the product they are looking for the next day or possibly the same day. If you signal to your customers, that a particular product is available in your stock, then more likely, that they will buy it from you. It’s not just about market competition, but also about expectations. If you clearly indicate it on your website, that a particular product is out of stock, your visitors can still choose, to buy from you. They will know they have to wait a bit. However, if you do not do this and the ordered product is not received by your customers even after three weeks, then they will buy from elsewhere. Failure to show your inventory will ruin your business.

Cart and payment

It’s easy to skip over the details regarding the cart and payout process, however, they play an important role in the purchase. In this part of our list, we encourage you to take a moment, to make sure everything works smoothly.

22. The Shopping Cart should be easily accessible

Aside from what noble intentions guide you in creating your webshop, your main goal is to make as much money as possible, and this is done through the Cart. As a result, the Cart is always visible, it should be available - people shouldn’t have to search. We also recommend it, to show the number of products in the cart on the icon. This will help remind customers of the specific products they have put in the cart.

23. Post your payment options right from the start

Just like a list 16. point, it serves that purpose, to prevent unpleasant surprises. It can be quite frustrating if you only realize it at the end of the purchase, that your preferred payment method is not available. Within the EU, this is regulated by law, it is mandatory to inform the buyer in advance about the payment methods.

24. Don't force your customers to register

Make it possible for your visitors, so they can buy without registering. Don't force them, to create a user account, this is not a very good practice. Registration only makes sense if clients get some little extras from it, for example, auto-fill for shipping data, so they don’t have to re-enter their details with each purchase. Creating a user account can be convenient in this regard, but let it be the buyer’s choice.

25. Set a longer expiration date for cookies

This will help you toss in the right products for your customers later on. This way, you can guarantee yourself a further successful purchase.

26. Careful use of coupon codes

Using coupons is a good way to increase sales, but before you cut into that, you might want to think carefully about whether you really want to. Once users see it, that there is such an option on the website, they will want the coupon codes. This can often lead to it, to stop searching for coupon codes while paying. If you want to install something like that, then make it easily accessible to your customers. If you do not plan to offer coupon codes in the near future, it is better to leave this field off the page, otherwise, many may leave their baskets instead of shopping.

Look good on all surfaces!

By getting to this point on the list, your webshop should be completely ready, there is only one thing left: make sure, to make your page look its best wherever it appears. Whether it’s Google or any social media interface, it’s important, to make a good impression.

27. Optimize SEO titles and meta descriptions

For commercial sites, as a webshop an important purpose is SEO titles and meta descriptions. Much more important than other sites. Google can provide relevant information about your webpage in search results based on your keywords. However, if your product page does not have enough product information, may discuss customer service or warranty details, then there is a chance of it, that Google will use it for it. Make sure, that you use product-oriented meta descriptions on your product pages, This also helps Google avoid showing incorrect information in search results.

28. Add structured data to your pages

We recommend, to use the schema.org structured data for your product pages to properly implement technical SEO. The schema.org flag will help search engines or, for example, Google Shopping-son, to make it easier to process the content of your page. Plus, it can help, to make your page rank better in search results.

At least schema.org/Product and schema.org/Offer should be added, and so you will see, whether you can extend this to more detailed schemas. Adding the schema.org tag is much more technical than optimizing product specifications. Because of this, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, rather, ask your web developer for help.

29. Pay attention to appear on social media sites

In addition to schema.org data, you may want to add OpenGraph and Twitter Cards.. A Rufen Sie uns an helps you add images to your page, which will appear on the social media interface. With Yoast SEO Premium you can even get a preview of this. These will help you give the most attractive look possible if you share your products.

One more thing for the end…

30. Make your ecommerce easier with Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugins can help you optimize various aspects of your site:

– The texts can be read? All right.

– Search and optimize keywords? All right.

– SEO titles, handling meta descriptions and social outputs? All right.

– Add structural data to your pages with minimal effort? All right.

– Extra settings for WooCommerce with our dedicated WooCommerce plugin? All right.


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