trying new ways to challenge our website. Illegal Search Engine Optimization is the art, particularly nasty type of negative SEO is applied, that virtually no notice taken as a victim..

Prepare for the prevention and control!

Although many people are in despair at the sight of the approaching danger, decades of experience, There is a new solution for discovering the negative SEO attack, To avoid, and prevention of. Let's see in detail, How we can find a remedy to the problem, that will change the world of dark and ethical search engine optimization is both fundamentally.

What is negative about SEO?

Traditionally, “old style” Negative SEO contained links. in fact, Google has stated publicly, that can detect negative SEO is because of the links- After Google Penguin released, the search engine is able to find and treat these links very efficiently.

However, as they say: the robbers are always one step ahead of Girls. Thus was born a new, sophisticated Negative SEO, which does not include the links, but - spanning domains - using canonical tags impair classification of web pages. Negative SEO sites is performing so it is not related to the victim's website, making it virtually undetectable can continue destructive activities. In this case, the following occurs:

1) Suppose, someone intending to carry out a competitor's website SEO-negative and wants to weaken the “A” website, or you want, to significantly vis-page ranking in the search results. The “A” Thus, the victim's web page.
2) Negative SEO is used to implement the site "B", either a hacked site, or a domain name, having broken links (pl. Abused or expired domains). The perpetrators are copied into the "A" site "heading and placed it in the" line of site B ".
3) The site "B" sides so provide a canonical tags, show that the victim "A" pages in your site.
4) Consequently, a Google a “B” Because of canonical tags and the web “A” side, mind a “B” It combines the contents page. A “B” The content is transmitted to the wrong page “A” to the side. The “A” then it falls back to the site's search rankings, as the draft.

In some cases, “A” Web site can copy full pages and to place the “B” website, but other types of (adults usually) content is added. Sometimes only the side - is copied into header - containing canonical label, The rest of the page contains adult content. The page header of each case, however, copy the “A” side of the “B” to the side, that is the wrong site.

Why is almost imperceptible to the new Negative SEO?

Not easy, but not hopeless notice this particularly despicable attack. Below us is a possible solution. Following is a case, which it failed to detect the negative SEO is, when the links have played at least an indirect role in the offense.

1) Enter your Google Webmaster Tools into it and inspect your Google Analytics data analysis of search. With the map the website, as well as relations.
2) Let's look at the was, the links to see - especially the lost and index new websites links!
3) Observe the days, especially when we gained a lot of links to the site! Typically, a B2B, For this purpose your website or business 50-100 from, for example, if a certain day 1000 above this figure, longer be the major reason for suspicion.
4) Consider these new links in the Majestic. It's worth mentioning, that these:

• does not include a reference to the victim Web site
• Trust the poor flow value, close to nil
• citation of the flow of high value, 50 around.
• anchor text and address of a site for adults, or it has a different meaning to the topic of customer's website
• According to the Majestic they actually canonical tags
• It is probably fairly new links below, as the customer site link HTTPs version.

In this case, however, the negative SEO is a mistake people Executive, as established by other websites also link. However, if you have "clean" in committing the canonical tags, it is indeed almost impossible to detect, that we have become victims of negative SEO.

How to detect a new negative SEO attack?

Because of negative SEO attacks 99 percent is typically a building or link coupling, SEO is why this type of attack can not be detected practically. In many cases, the person performing SEO is negative, build or create links to a victim website. Negative SEO is another way of committing happens hacked websites and website hacking. But it is also conceivable, to link, or placing malicious code on the victim's website. However, in these cases, the website owner can see this principle; sees, the website has been compromised and potentially cleanse.
In contrast,, the new negative SEO can not be detected practically, because it does not contain links to websites and hacking, since they were invaded by the victim of malicious Web site using the canonical tag.

How to get rid of negative SEO from?

1) Do nothing and hope, to cease! really, it is also an opportunity, although it must be SEO-Skene indeed do something, to help the victimized customer's website. You may, however,, that the problem is really "self" disappears: as negative SEO is running out of money paying offender, We do not want to degrade our site's reputation, Google may find a solution, etc..

2) Change the domain names! Change the domain name and transfer the contents to another site. True, that this option is not for everyone, but still may work. Keep the same domain name, but the use of canonical tags “new Domain Name” rank in the organic search.

3) Let us send spam report to Google! True, to take time, while Google will do. And if you could also go for something more, not at all sure, Google created the system in a way, to be able to really deal with this type of negative SEO with spam or. So keep this option Talons!

4) Our online copyright infringement is in! If someone stole your content and put your own domain name, then we can complain to the service provider for hosting and search engine on copyright infringement. However, this is a prerequisite:

• We must prove, to perform a negative search engine optimization over to our site.
• We need to identify all sites, that negative SEO is performed.
• A site performing all negative SEO is storage space should US, to be. The competence test online copyright infringement DMCA organization because only extend to sites in the US.

5) Switch to HTTPS://www https://-re! If HTTPs canonical tags to the site from the wrong doménnévből://www version shows, We live option and proceed through the HTTPs:// formats! Presumably, the person performing the negative SEO is not going to take this notice, but we get rid of it.

6) Change URLs of the website! In fact, each URL can be changed on our site, they URLs, which shows a negative SEO, does not exist.


as we have seen, particularly vile negative SEO attack is imminent, which would otherwise not easy to rewrite the world of search engine optimization is fundamentally. So prepare Definitely worth, s attention to it, to prevent a new type of negative SEO become victims. If the links are also involved in the offense, We discover it is much easier to attack, as if to clear the canonical tags are implemented. Long term, we believe, Google needs to enter in order, search engine optimization efforts to avoid becoming - because of illegal attacks - one moment to the next and left to rot ...

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