Google Search Console -In long been monitored and solve the problems, which Google can access our content.

Originally known as the Google Webmaster Tools, Webmaster Tools over the past decade has undergone major repairs on. This means, it is still far from perfect. A number of important updates, especially those, that affect cell ranking.

Therefore, the recent Google Communication changes mentioned very warmly received by the SEO community. These changes go beyond cosmetics, and help the website owners to identify and fix problems affecting their performance.

so, what has changed?

The changes to Google Webmaster Tools classified into the following groups: Insights, Workflow és Feedback Loops.

Google Insights is a new feature of the categories identified common problems, that hinder the websites pages crawled and indexed. These tasks will be merged, allowing users to, to monitor the progress monitor and review, that improvements made by Google, Google recognizes your.

This must be for website owners and developers is very beneficial, because it will accelerate the results.


In a broader sense, this is in line with Google using machine learning technologies, to automate tasks, and rationalizes that people want to spend time, to get the most out of products from.

The second area of ​​Organizational Development Workflow, which, although not the most glamorous part of an SEO work, be beneficial, which make life a little easier.

As part of the Search Console is installed, users will now be able to share notes the failure of the various team members. Given, how many people are involved in the identification of technical problems and improve their SEO, often based on different groups or areas, This change can have a direct and positive impact on your SEO work processes.

The third application relates to the feedback loops, and to address the long-term frustration Webmaster Tools.


Feedback is also added to the kódváltozásokról, so developers can react very quickly, modify and solve the problem.

All of these upgrades help the rapid cooperation of the SEO's organic search Improve Performance.

Additionally, Google announced some interesting functions BETA.

BETA New Features

Google disclosed two service, which will be tested in small scale: Index Coverage és AMP fixing flow.

The screenshot below shows, Coverage Index that will look like and how it shows the commitment of Google, to provide a more intuitive interface for Search Console.


As Google announced the new report:

“The new coverage index shows the number of indexed pages, information about indexing each page, and examples repair indexing pages. submission process enables a simple sitemap, and all the hedging index data filtering of any Sitemaps submitted. “

Again we see the goal, to go beyond the simple presentation of information, We're going to a deeper level and explain, why these problems occur. The last, most challenging step, to automate the advice to solve problems.

The SEO depends on many other factors, that fast rules generally do not apply in most cases. The advice is therefore too vague to automatic, can be use for any direct or specific advice, which can not be applied to the site in question.

Technical SEO accept the black-and-white rules than the rest of industry science, therefore a cause for optimism in the new Google update.

The second feature of the AMP BETA recording process. AMP (Accelerated mobile sites) Google's open-source initiative to improve the mobile page load speed by using a simplified version of the HTML code.

AMP recording process will be similar to the following screenshot, and it allows users to, to identify and address any anomalies in their code, immediately before receiving checks from Google about, that the proposed improvement is sufficient to.

What is the next step?

A feature in the Webmaster Tools, that all marketers want to upgrade, the data processing time delays. Currently, the data is typically only 48 shown in hours, resulting in long delays, because the marketers hope, that analyzed the performance level of the search query. Many other platforms, including with respect to the Google Analytics and AdWords real-time data in Webmaster Tools requires two days to process the data.

However, this may change one day. Google's John Mueller said, to explore ways to speed up the processing of data. Although Mueller added,: “Across the board you will probably need to have a minimum one-day delay, to make sure, that all data processed on time”, this still represents a very positive development for SEO.

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