The SERP's top categories may be close to a short position keywords in the extremely competitive business verticals cumbersome. A Wikipedia, of the market and similar sites are located at the top of the ranking of search results. Even so, if they placed in the first position Featured snippets , ads, folders and other supplies SERP layouts, which also dominate the space.

As short-term keywords have such a broad search intent, interest in the search engine, to try to answer the questions directly on the SERP-engines. It is the intention of featured snippets. If a search engine can respond to a user's query without, leaving the results page, think, that provides the best results. And featured snippets spread is just the beginning. According to Search Engine Land, queries 19,45% -Displays the rich answers (a special form of cut-outs) A Google-ban.

Google Chrome incognito window “Mi az orthodontika” Find searches for the next key piece of code:

orthodontics Google Search.png

This searching & eacute; si RESULT & eacute; ny & aacute bottom; bb & searching a large eacute; si, c & aacute; nd & eacute; derivative & kiel eacute; g & I buy; t: “What is orthodontics?” I use this as an example, because my agency and I tried to get the customer, to rank this keyword for a while. Tooth & aacute; sati ​​v & eacute practice; gauze in the US, where both ortodontikus, They are offered in dental procedures. Me optimized their orthodontic procedures, but we wanted to rank the service is not localized sites in order, to draw new patients, who may be the initial phase of the new dentists. But it was difficult without a local qualifying sites ranking in the search for short-term.

After changing the writing and one year, Content optimization, re-writing and re-optimization – construction of all links – We do not look for movement of organizational rangsorainkkal. It seemed, that business was not the purpose of these websites have a short tail keywords rank. Content creators have long complained, that the statements are not a priority attribute, where the content comes from SERP , So the traffic scene leaked.

We thought, SERP-the-rich dwarves become kiemelkedőbbé – especially mobile and Hangkeresés emelkedik – and even, if there is no proper assignment, it would be beneficial to our customers for this type of display search results, especially if, If we were able to prioritize long-term, question mark searches. If we could be ranked in a particular piece of code, which makes a potential customer questions about a service we offer, it would be helpful for us to answer the question to them. Not only did we reach the devout “zero position”, but our client vertical, potentially increasing conversions.

With this in mind we started the development of the strategy, which would lead to the highlighted snippet searches for ranking ultimately.

Q & The content

Questions and answers about the web pages are fairly standard. Many companies frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) contain- Mazza of sites, to help users in all matters, which respond, rather than directly. Taking into account the incidence of the SERP-featured snippets below, a Q & The new format created content, to find out: a) we could & aacute; women prioritize these lek & eacute; rdez & eacute;, posts? It is b) a client would be advantageous, to rank these issues?

Research and content creation

Use the keyword SEMRush conducted long-term research, keywords with high monthly search volumes. A few sentences, which have been determined, that creates content, “how long it takes to set up the braces”, “dist & much uuml; l & secure the Invisalign I buy; t & aacute; si k & ouml; lts & eacute; GEK n & eacute; lk & uuml; l” and other similar queries. We asked our client's team and the caller Live Chat correspondents also, to send most of the issues arising in connection with the orthodontika us. The questions asked by internal teams mainly spoken in pricing and insurance. This information was vital new Q & for content, as it allowed us to, that can give you an answer, who know that looking.

used in the current investigation highlighted details, that the content should put the emphasis response, rather than the respondent. This means, that the content should be simple, and the query must respond without marketing. We have ensured, header that includes the targeted keywords, and title tags. Once created content, Each question was placed on the main navigation bar on your site, each of separate landing side .

link building

Like most SEO says, The backlinks are still very important ranking factor . We are convinced, the new Q & Relationship with the content would be crucial for, ranked according to. The connections are built exclusively via Quora and Reddit pages, with the idea, these places, where people have been asking questions, who respond to an expert, while we can return to our website. To avoid spamming limit the number of links per month.


After a year of data collection, we can say for sure, not only to success & uuml; l & eacute out; RNI place rank & aacute; s & aacute; r & eacute was a priority; szletre, but it also distributes the content of orthodontic 46,10% -increased by, content conversion 235% -increased by, & Eacute; s and Conversion & oacute; s and R & aacute; ny 129,30% -increased by.


Ecological seats orthodontikus Q & The content


The Q ortodontikus & The content of organic conversions


The Q ortodontikus & The content of organic conversion ratio

The results were even more prominent in the mobile, where traffic 91,46% -increased by, conversions 322,22% -Tomorrow, the conversion rate 120,53% -increased by.


Moving the organic occupations orthodontikus Q & The content


Mobile ecological conversion of Q orthodontikus & The content


Mobile ecological conversion rate of Q orthodontikus & The content

Measurement method

In this study, we considered only organic and ecological mobile traffic. It is only observed traffic, received through the Web site content in Orthodontics (that is, only those users measured, who arrived on a ecological resources through the pages orthodontics).

Warning Indicators

It has to be noted, the realization that this was not successful in all respects. A key objective of the new content, & sure that I buy; ts & aacute; s with use of the & aacute; l & oacute; No & aacute k; m & aacute; onto a & uuml; ttműk & ouml; d & eacute; st. The group usually Rebuild the content-awareness metrics commitment: pages / sessions, Average time on site, bounce rate, etc..

we noticed when collecting data, that all the attention with reduced annually. Our hypothesis, that serves as both the content and make it easily digestible to answer a question, users are more likely could leave your site, after the question has been answered. Explains, to traffic, conversions and the conversion rate increased every year how much, and attention indicators decreased.


The most important, that this experiment was achieved in the first place – obsession zero position – the results of the query's search results, that “how long to wear a sun invisalignet”, while the front page (although not in first position) Q other ranks & The terms ortodontikus.

how long do you wear invisalign a day 3:14:17.png

we started to rank the top spot in the race on time in mid-January, although shortly thereafter we lost the rankings. We started the first rank position in March, and are still there in writing.

We are convinced, that it could easily be ranked in the first position of the target and answering Q for displaying the keyword interchangeable parts in question & one of Terms, which resulted in a special piece of code.


The number of conversions measured contact forms sent during a session, which the user entered the site through the content ortodontikus. As we mentioned above, With all of the organic traffic and conversions, and mobile conversion rates increased significantly year on year. However, the effects of the experiment 9 not seen months.

When the traffic 90 and 180 measured under the sun, organic traffic has been steadily increasing for new content, and through mobile devices, but the conversions and the conversion rate has not increased over the previous year. It's just 270 It was days, When we first entered the highlighted snippet in SERP, conversions to start to grow.


Organic traffic orthodontikus Q & The content


The Q ortodontikus & The content of organic conversions

As k & ouml; consistently ranked in the first position of a key r & eacute; slam SERP, However ranking first page & aacute; n Serps m & aacute; s Ick & eacute; rdez & eacute; sek, and converting & oacute; to & eacute; s and converting & oacute; s and R & aacute; ny kezdett, to substantially n & ouml; Velje.

Google Home

As we mentioned earlier, Voice Search is growing. Having been ranked in a particular piece of code in a SERP targeted, we wanted to see, This particular piece of code that affect how Google Home Reply to specific queries:

* Comment: This video was recorded on the phone, so the quality is not the best. You may, that it must call volume, to hear the question and answer.

as you can see, clearly determines the response of our customers to Google Home, answers the question, and sends the user to the App Home applications, where the answer will appear again:


From & aacute; tkattintanak of a mobile device & ouml; z & ouml; n l & eacute; Site cf.:


Finally, we have a close correlation with the Q & between the implementation of the contents of Orthodontics, which is largely located in the rich snippets in the order from the increased conversions and conversion rates, and. But like all, THIS is, There are no definitions, In implementing this strategy. we've added content, which directed users to a site, which offered the services sought. Someone, who “boil the water”, not likely, to buy new pots and pans. Ultimately, it is important to know, what users are looking for, and to satisfy the queries. After a simple, clearly defined content can answer the questions, the rest is simple.

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