Many people think & aacute; s, that search engine optimization is costly. It is free SEO it means good results can be achieved. Let's see which one is the best 7 device, which successfully apply the saving home owners, to escape their website ahead of the rankings.

1) Yoast SEO

lo, a popular WordPress plugin, which will give you all the information necessary for the on-page search engine optimization. Free version shows the keyword density, the allocation of keywords, and examines, that is there any problem with content on the site. also check the readability of content, and creates a canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content is a free plug-in.

2) Google Analytics

Because of the versatility of Google Analytics is one of the best free SEO tool. After creating an account for free, do the following:

  • Set your goals! observe, how many people sign up to our newsletter, keep track of the products offered by us or any other - is useful for the site - a numerical indicator.
  • Let's see live traffic page! How many users are currently on our site? They joined desktop computer or mobile phone? from, Which site you came from? A Google Analytics this information will be communicated to us both in real time.
  • Create comprehensive reports on the public! Google Analytics prepares us free reports about the session, View the product, about users, the return rates, and the average session duration.

3) Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Although primarily focused on the pay Ahrefs software, There is a free monitoring software also links pointing back. Within a few seconds, the software tells by name in any domain on the Internet, how the URL classification, or the domain classification. While the former - taking into account both internal and external relationships - indicates the strength of the site's feedback profile, the latter in connection with the popularity of websites providing information. The free version also gives you the best 100 a list of links pointing back, The percentage of DoFollow links, and the five largest anchor, which is used to refer to the site.

4) MozBar

Another free tool MozBar, which can give an excellent insight into the structure of the website. Basically, in connection with five major categories provides information: elements within the page, the general characteristics, Link meter numbers, their markings, and the HTTP status.

Although not MozBar offers searchable information on its own Web site, But perfect for the understanding of other sites. If you do search engine optimization, then a great way MozBar, to view all areas of the site, which we would otherwise not have access to simple user directly to.

5) Google Keyword PlanningHe

True, To use it you will need a Google Ads-account, However, as one of the best free SEO You can access device. Sign in to Google Keyword planner calendar can access the following features:

  • Find new keywords: Google allows, that URL, add a word or keyword, which keywords will bring up a list of possible new.
  • Compare Keywords: You can define a keyword list, from which the device can create SEO metrics, and generate forecasts for the following keywords:
  • impressions
  • clicks
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Competition ranking
  • Cost Per Click

6) Wayback Machine

Even if at first glance it does not seem, a Wayback Machine the most interesting free SEO tools include. this is nothing for novice website owners, such as the Internet Archive, so you can see here, how a website looked 5, 10, 15 year ago, and we demonstrate the development of the site on a monthly basis.

Let's see, what can it be used with SEO:

  • To track changes in the site, and find out the reasons for the fluctuations in traffic.
  • Our archive your site, After its amendment so we can easily return to the previous version of the page.
  • can examine, whether related to our site links to missing e.

simply put, the Wayback Machine impartial way, keep track, How it is that over time developed their own or the customer site.

7) Screaming Frog Spider

lo, One of the best free SEO tool, which can be used to review the entire web. show, the search engine how to crawl your site. Remember, that this process will take longer, other than using free SEO tools, as it will give a huge amount of information. Let's see, how to use the enriched data:

  • redirects: All, broken link in the web site crawling, which for repairing our discretion.
  • Titles page: All URLs listed in the page title. Make sure, We were not more of the same page is the page title, and correctly optimized for keywords.
  • Report Contents: It provides information about the meta description, addresses and quantity of the content of each page. It also creates an exportable, Content report.


as we have seen, to it, to be successful in SEO consulting, not to beat ourselves into cost. The available free of charge SEO Devices are available in a wide selection. Some other websites optimize understanding, while others are used to perform keyword research, but it also means we can meet, for executing a complete SEO campaign for free. Just as many of the job, to use them properly, avoiding gradually advancing the search engine rankings.

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