Fact: effective SEO requires hard work and effort.

The SEO automation means, the search engine optimization process automatically tools, used to using software and other programs, that reduce human labor.

The entire SEO process is too complex to, everything to be automated. The key to understand, what can and what can not be automated (or not) automated. For example, some of the tasks to be automated, such as site monitoring and data collection, so that information can be collected. The person must therefore decide on the basis of the data collected.

However the SEO process, for example, the content creation and the link construction can not be automated, it only reaches the low-quality content, will be punishable by creating a spammy links. The best solution, If you are using tools and software, to facilitate the work in minimum time.

so, if you are planning to automate the SEO, here are the best tools, that can help.

SEMrush advanced keyword research and tracking

Keyword research is based on all good SEO. After all, the goal is, to find words which the audience hazsnál. Although a free tool, Google Keyword Planner as a great starting point, SEMrush of a tool, which saves a lot of time and effort in terms of keyword research.

The SEMrush Keyword Research Tool , identify the best keywords for your competitor, monitors the changes, explore the sites keywords.

The Keyword Tool and the Keyword Analysis magic combination enables, to quickly carry out keyword research. You can easily pick and choose from thousands of keywords, and help detect long keywords.

The clients are the reporting SEMrush useful for creating custom reports. All you need to do, selecting widgets on the report, and customize the settings to customize. The report will automatically update the information, when you want to generate reports.

The reports can also schedule, or use as a template for future reports.

wh ch the multi-function monitoring

The Cyfe a comprehensive business dashboard, Allowing, to keep track of important marketingmérőket, including SEO and SEM metrics. The strength consists Cyfe, the ability to display data from multiple sources.

The Cyfe pre-made gadget allows for easy follow-up of indicators to be followed. The Moz widget example, you can monitor your phone to search the web without, the need for a paid account Moz.

A widget, adding e.g.. a Search Console , get updates on your site performance. You can check your site's performance in addition to the various search engines.

The Cyfe dashboard and RSS feeds to monitor the contents of a competitor, and social media strategies.

After you configure the dashboard all widgetjét, configure SMS alerts, so you can continue to do business as usual, knowing, to get a mobile notifications, If problems arise that require human attention.

The essence of SEO, to know, improve what is on your site, to increase search performance.

The Screaming Frog is a web mapping tool, which checks for broken links, check redirects, analyzes the page titles, metadata and researching the duplicate content. You can create XML Sitemaps, and integrates with Google Analytics, and adjust regularly scheduled crawl .

If you've ever tried these activities manually, You can be carried out manually, which can be time consuming and tedious, especially for large websites. The screaming frog :D time wins.

Sitemap create all you need to do, to fully crawl your site, and select the option XML sitemap.

Ahrefs analysis of reciprocal links

The analyst Ahrefs a link robots. The device per day 6 crawls billions website, and 3 URL trillion has known, making it the perfect solution to link network analysis.

With the help of Ahrefs may automatically check, keyword position. New keywords, new / you can also get alerts for lost links and brands.

Keep an eye on the competition is easy, because you can find the most relevant content, and the spy versenytársaidnál, so find out, where the links come from.


The SEO tough, and there is no magic way, to automate the whole thing. For best results it should still fordeítani the necessary time and energy. what you can do (and must) do, to use tools, to facilitate and accelerate the work.

The SEMrush keyword research tool is a great way to smart keyword research, while Ahrefs assist in finding backlinks.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider helps the website performance by keeping up to date with all the detailed mapping and measurement indicators to monitor the site in one place.

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