Upload your video on LinkedIn

Add Video to offer a simple LinkedIn, such as writing a new post on the LinkedIn mobile application.

When you create a new entry will now see the option, to record video in the app, or upload a video to your device.

The videos can only be shared on LinkedIn mobile application. You can not share them with your desktop computer.

Ha az asztali számítógépen van egy videó, You can be sent through a mobile device for the first time.

Once uploaded a video, like other users, share this post or write a comment.

Video Analytics

LinkedIn also offers video analysis – keeps track of companies, jobs.

The videódelemzés within the LinkedIn profile control panel. Despite, that you can not upload videos via the PC desktop, de megtekinteni az analitikákat a vezérlőpulton.

This feature over the next few weeks to arrive for all users, so if you do not see the possibility of publishing videos, then wait.

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