Még több 7 módszer a SEO eredményeid felpörgetéséhez 2021-ben

We have already presented it in an earlier post 7 such a method, with which you can spin up your SEO results. In this article, we continue the line, and more 7 we’ll share an idea with you for more successful search engine optimization work.

1. Start a blog

It is no longer in dispute today, that content creation is one of the cornerstones of SEO. That's why you have to deal with it, by the time one of the best ways to start your own blog. If you create such a section on your website, then you can post relevant information there, you can use keywords, you can build internal links to other parts of your site, and these all increase your site SEO its value.

If you pay attention to quality, then you also show good content to your readers, this builds your reputation, and you seem to be an expert in your field. This will not only improve your SEO results, but incoming visitors also convert better.

2. Do keyword research

Keyword research is the best way to do that, to find out, what terms you can use to capture your visitors. If you don't do that, then it is also possible, that your blog is not targeting the right areas, so potential buyers don’t come from the search engine.

Research can also shed light on such keywords, which you wouldn't have thought of, that they are useful, and again, you may become completely disappointed. A Google And with the help of Ads, you can also associate monthly search volumes with individual terms, where you can see, which are worth targeting.

A Google Search Console felületén akár aloldalakra lebontva is megtekintheted azokat a keywords, for which your content has appeared on Google search. But there are several tools available on the Internet, with which you can see the keywords of the top few ranked pages, you can use them too.

3. Display customer feedback and opinions

Ask your customers, to write their opinion about you. With their permission, you can also use them on your website, proving this to new visitors, that you understand the area and are worth doing business with.

Your ratings on various review pages are also visible to Google, in addition, he runs Google My Business. You should definitely register for this, as it is essential in the field of local SEO. Good recommendations can be easily collected on my Company profile, since everyone already has a Google profile.

4. Build links to your site

If content creation is one of the cornerstones of modern SEO, then the link building another. It is no longer possible to get ahead in most areas today, if there are no links to your site and subpages. There are several methods for this process, including the use of drop domain pages, Publish PR articles on the very news sites or write guest posts on the pages of others.

Graduality is also important when building links, start in a smaller volume, then increase the amount. How many links your site needs, it is different in each target market, you should seek the help of an SEO professional for the task.

5. Use a sitemap

A sitemap helps you crawl your site, you can also use it to show it to the search giant in the Google Search Console, for example, what content you have. Content management systems, and WordPress can handle automatically updated maps. If you upload these to the Search Console, then Google will be constantly notified of newly published content, and you can index them much faster.

6. Take advantage of your 404 error page

Most content management systems, including Google, shows a so-called 404 error page to visitors then, if you want to visit a subpage that doesn't exist. This will keep your site running, and the reader can move on to other subpages.

This 404 error page is often quite lame by default, that's all there is to it, that the requested content was not found. It is worth using for your own purposes, and add the parts that are important to you next to the default text. You can even put your own design to work, but if you don't want to deal with it, then inserting a few extra links is just a few minutes busy.

7. Connect Google Analytics

In addition to the Google Search Console, Google Analytics is the service, which you should definitely take advantage of. Although it does not affect SEO on its own, it provides you with a lot of analysis, which you can learn to better serve your site and visitors. This will get more engagement from your readers, which, in turn, is already perceived by Google, and directs extra visitors to your website.

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