Menő SEO trendek 2022-ben

Cool SEO trends in 2022!

A lot has changed in the last period, which has led to numerous changes in the field of search engine optimization. to pandemic, the rapidly developing technology and the habits of the new generations have all brought such changes, which are worth paying more attention to. Which SEO tools will be the best in this regard this year?


Videos are one of the most consumer-friendly types of content today. On the one hand, they are easy to handle, on the other hand, we can create much more interactive content with it, as if we simply rely only on writing. This is a special advantage for mobile users, so it doesn't hurt to get used to it, since nowadays most people browse mainly on mobile phones. However, there are countless versions of videos. We can produce podcasts, we can present our company via vlog or even make streams. Today, all three forms are highly sought after.

Updated up-to-date content

If it is not visible on our website, that they care about him, it can also be off-putting to prospective customers. However, it may not only appear less sympathetic to visitors to the website, from to Google it will also become boring for search robots over time - so they will not rank the page higher. Such sites, the contents of which are not updated, they slide back in the hit list. This is why it's important, to always provide you with new content, if we want as many visitors to our site as possible.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals does not have an appropriate Hungarian term, however, it is considered an important addition to Google. The essence of it, that it constantly monitors the loading performance of the given website, which is extremely important for the user experience. And this is an essential tool for increasing purchases. With its help, we get a real-time report from our site, based on which we can improve the performance of our site.

Long, valuable content

As they say, the outside is the best, the inner holds. This is also exponentially true for content. An exciting website is also ranked by Google based on, how much time the interested parties spend on it. If we have good writings, our website is informative and easy to understand, then there should be no problem, more and more people will visit it over time. But here too it is important to maintain interest: that is, let's be up-to-date, keep sharing new posts.

New websites

For quite some time, Google's search engine ranks newly created websites higher, of course, only if we fill it with appropriate content - good keywords and meaningful writing. How can we take advantage of this?? Of course it doesn't mean that, that we have to launch a new website every semester, but if we really keep our site up to date and have a dynamically developing website, then the new products are worth it, as well as creating a landing page for services for a few months. A landing page is essentially a presentation page, by clicking on the ad published by us, the customer will arrive here. This is technically a website, so the search engine can rank it higher in the same way.


In other words, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness – that expertise, authority and reliability. These three principles are, which is taken into account by Google's artificial intelligence, when ranking pages. How it works in practice? On the one hand, keywords also takes into account, on the other hand, he is able to draw conclusions based on sentence structures, whether the given text makes sense. The other two are clearly influenced by visits and customer feedback. That's why it's worth encouraging customers, for example, in connection with an online store, to rate the products.


That is, Frequently Asked Questions. If we prepare such a summary on our site - which we compile from customer questions - it is also liked by search robots. After all, a well-written FAQ will usually contain exactly those questions that arise, which many people are curious about and type into the Google search engine anyway.

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