once above, sometimes below - Why can changing the ranking?

Perhaps one of the issues, that employs most of your search engine optimization and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scholars: why the rankings for particular keywords is constantly changing? the answer is not easy, since the classification is due to several factors. However a few things for sure, or at least very likely in this respect can be. Present article, we collected these findings.

1) Normal ongoing change in ranking

Like it or not, but in the world of SEO search engines - especially Google at - ranking reached a very important factor counts. This is especially true in the first 20 place, as there are many research confirms, that the majority of users will choose from these results. Most website owners measure success one, Which also been achieved in the hit list of search results for particular keywords or key phrase for.

usual, that the world of search engine optimization is the only constant factor: constant change! Why would this be otherwise, "Small", ie each keyword terms?! Research on this topic, and website analysis revealed: it does not matter at all unusual, or unnatural ranking 4-5 vagy ak & aacute; r 6 Changes in space. Especially not when, that if we offer a variety of products on our website. For example, you may, We sell the pants 3 They are forward space, but at the same time soothing teas 4 place, and conflict management books 7 fall back into place. However, in this there is nothing unusual, So no point panicking esnünk. (Besides despair is usually fatal errors, or worse illicit, Black Hat SEO To use leads.)

in one word: as is the case in many other economic or other phenomena, here too the trend should be taken into consideration. Thus, it is only necessary to act, If the product or product group for more trend-like classification of deteriorated.

2) The users can change impacts on the search habits.

As in many cases, The secret of success is the keresőoptimalizálásnál: Read between the lines! Let's try to look beyond the rankings data, and to understand the success, or the real causes of failure. indubitable, it will not be easy task, as the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The art of many unknowns equation.

Not only our side, but Google, the competition, even users behavior is changing. Of course, it is all important factors, But the final word they say it anyway, who look to our site, or rather prefer other sites, say: users!

Their behavior is highly dependent on, that in connection with a topic which impacts upon them. For example, imagine, that specific products are available, then came out with a new one scene of the film for this product will talk about the main character. Which, you'll change, the searching habits. New users immediately impacts, they desire impulses - such as non-text content, but looking YouTube videos. Consequently, we have to change our strategic focus on search engine optimization so far.

3) Do not consider only the change in ranking!

Our website exists to measure the effectiveness of our place too busy to rank a number of indicators. Of these, the two most widely known as ROI indicators, and the conversion rate.

Originally, the ROI index (Return On Investment) It was the financial index, but today it is used to assess a website's performance is keresőmarketingben. similar meaning, as in the case of companies, that shows, the extent to which investments recouped. For example quantified for paid ads, a user has to click how many forints.

Another such measure conversion, As clickthrough rate, showing, What percentage of your website to arrive bought something. Of course, the conversion can be examined in a wider sense,. (for example, not only in order, but any contact or sign up for the newsletter on the website owner, perhaps the viewing sections is considered conversion.) According to the literature of different SEO value of the conversion is approved 3-5 % range from. typically, 3 should be considered under the percentage, to rethink our ideas on link building and website.

4) We look at long-term results!

There's a saying, that: "If planted tree, patience is required. You can not be pulled out of the ground every day, to see, the root of much increased. " This wisdom can fit a search engine optimization. We live, that SEO is not sprint, that is, the results can only be worthwhile to look at long-term. Of course, We can view every day, or even from week to week, how to prioritize our changed. However, note, that - as mentioned earlier - that page rankings can change quickly. Otherwise, we're just frustrated because of the lack of expected results, and we'll probably due to a slight recovery in the short term given the SEO endeavors. Let's semi-annual or even more years of time period the change in ranking data. But if we see this time, Now that we have seen more keywords better ranking,, As before, you may want to pursue the specific SEO strategy.

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