Once up, other times below - Why the rankings change?

Maybe one of the questions, which is most concerned with search engine optimization and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cultivators: why is the individual constantly changing keywords ranking? The answer is not easy, since the classification can be traced back to many factors. A few things for sure though, or at least we can make a high probability about it. We have collected these findings in our current article.

1) It is normal for the ranking to change continuously

Like it or not, but in the world of SEO for search engines - especially the Google-at - the ranking achieved is an extremely important factor. This first one is especially true 20 place, as it is confirmed by many studies, that the majority of users will choose from these results. For most website owners, it is a measure of success, how many places were reached in the search results list for a given keyword or key phrase.

We could get used to it, that the search engine optimization the only constant factor in his world: the constant change! Why would it be any other way?, "small", that is, in terms of individual keywords?! Research on the topic, and website analysis showed: not unusual at all, or the ranking as unnatural 4-5 or even 6 change of location. Especially not then, that we offer a variety of products on our website. For example, it may occur, that the trousers we sell 3 they move up one place, but at the same time our soothing teas 4 place, while our conflict management books 7 they fall back a place. However, there is nothing unusual about this, so there is no point in panicking. (Besides, desperation is usually a fatal flaw, or worse, banned, black hat SEO leads to its use.)

In a word: as in the case of many other economic or other phenomena, here too we have to take the tendency into account. It is therefore necessary to act only then, if our classification has trended downward for several products or product groups.

2) Effects on users can change search habits.

As in many cases, is also the secret of success in search engine optimization: let's read between the lines! Let's try to look behind the ranking data, and understand the success achieved, or real causes of failure. Undoubtedly, that we won't have an easy job, since the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) his art is an equation with many unknowns.

Not just our site, but Google, and competition, even the behavior of users is changing. Of course, they are all important factors, however, they still have the final say, who search our site, or they prefer other sites, say: the users!

Their behavior largely depends on it, how they are affected by a given topic. For example, it is conceivable, that we distribute a given product, then the protagonist will talk about this product in one of the scenes of a newly released film. Ami, you can already change it, the search habits. Our users immediately get new effects, they will want impulses – such as non-textual content, but they are looking for YouTube videos. As a result, we also have to change our search engine optimization strategy.

3) We don't just look at ranking changes!

In addition to our position in the ranking, there are many indicators to measure the effectiveness of our website. Among them, the two most common are the so-called ROI indicators, and the conversion rate.

Originally the ROI indicator (Return On Investment) was a financial indicator, but today it is also used in search engine marketing to evaluate website performance. Its meaning is similar, as in the case of companies, that is, it shows, to what extent our investments return. For example, we can quantify it in the case of paid ads, how many forints a user click cost.

Another such metric is conversion, also known as click-through rate, which shows, what percentage of visitors to your website bought something. Of course, conversion can also be examined in a broader sense. (For example, not just the order, but any contact with the owner of the website or subscription to the newsletter, on the net, viewing subpages is also considered a conversion.) According to various SEO literature, it is the accepted value of conversion 3-5 % moves between. Typically a 3 worth considering under the percentage value, to rethink our ideas about the website and link building.

4) Let's look at the long-term results!

There's a saying, according to which: "If you planted a tree, patience is required. You can't pull it out of the ground every day, to see, how much the root has grown." This wisdom also applies to search engine optimization. We must take note, that SEO is not a short run, that is, we should only examine the results in the long term. Of course, we can look at it day by day, or every week, how our ranking has changed. However, consider it, that - as mentioned earlier - the ranking of the given page can change quickly. Otherwise, we will only be frustrated due to the lack of expected results, and we will probably give up on our search engine optimization efforts due to the low return in the short term. Let's look at the change in ranking data over a six-monthly or even annual time frame. And if we see that at this time, that we now have better rankings for more keywords, As before, then we should continue with the given SEO strategy.

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