2017-In much of the focus of the upcoming Mobile-first index and The content via HTTPS . But there were two other important fashion show theme in the shade: and cyber security Location Speed .

2010 Since Google has It is recognized Taking into account the speed and page load speeds Site, and tools, mint a Page Speed ​​Insights (together solutions from several other third party), They were able to track and analyze the seconds.

However, fast page-load speed and great user experience was not always easy considering. Because of the Internet in our everyday life has become an increasingly important part of, improved online experience, and we (as users) Rather visual content .

The nagyvilágú images with high image files, video files and potentially a lot of JS and CSS was also provided for the creation of the written text. It also means, We need to be more loaded, thus increasing the load speed.

The reason is, it is increasingly a problem, In 2015 it reached the number of desktop traffic through the product chain of mobile traffic, and mobile users everywhere browsing; when home, workplace, roaming or data traveling with Wi-Fi-n. Users will notice a slow load time; Which means, noticed that Google users, to notice the slow loading pages – and now Facebook noticed Pages load slowly.

Recognizing Problems with site speed

Currently, due to the surrounding mobile responsiveness and HTTPS noise flooded many webmasters and development team changes. It is also worth noting, that not everyone is running modern web stack or pure; There are still many great web site is the old platforms.

they say, many checks can be carried out, which greatly differs from the code page load speed redesign.

JavaScript libraries

I gained several Web sites, that great JavaScript libraries Which are not used on many, but still need to spend on each page.

A large amount of unnecessary excessive calls to JavaScript- and the creation of CSS files slow down the loading speed of the entire page.

You can move these kódelemeket towards the end of the code, that is, the last call them. This will only affect the user, If you are using a dynamic phone numbers, that change the battery through JavaScript, but often only one twentieth the flashing seconds and the minimum.

image Optimization

The images and graphics play a large role in the transmission of the message content, the website is to improve the user experience. The salvation of images is not viable, but the compressed file sizes.

In some cases, transmission of images can be optimized. If your picture is pretty far from a content, uses lazy loading solutions, or even better, use the CDN-t, CloudFlare than or Amazon CloudFront.

System fonts

Another (and slightly less common) solutions to improve page-load speed of use of the system fonts.

System fonts are fonts, which are pre-installed on your device. These are great opportunities, because they do not have to load them, simply call the system fonts in the CSS. As they discussed Select the font system can be complicated.

System fonts are generally divided into two categories, optimized for screen and optimized for printing. The main difference between the letters in the details. The only other problem, When choosing a system-wide font, that there really are too exposed.

Since all computers and devices in the world (close enough) from, they are not unique; So if the typography is important to the brand, Use custom fonts. HA Helvetica, Garamond or will do Seravek, use them.

AMP is really the solution?

I could not go through the entire article without, I would mention that the AMP. AMP allows webmasters, slow to prepare, their heavy page, but they serve up new content AMP sides are essentially, which is returned to the original slow side.

Accelerated mobile sites The interface seems, the easy way, especially for large content providers. But this is not a solution to the problem, more over the cracks.

Which caused a slow and difficult situation of these high places, often closely linked to, how to generate revenue, ads. Large banner ads, banners content, overlayek, autoplay videos in the sidebar (yuck), everything there, to view the website and getting closer to arm the other day CPM.

The AMP does not receive the same degree, and lose potential revenue and ad views. Format the content is also very controllable, and the fact, Google stores your content, special position brings content provider.

Google is apparently willing to publishers, to use the AMP, and take advantage of the rankings (AMP v non-AMP), but still strange situation. Many webmasters have moved away from the AMP, as controlled large web properties, But not because, because this is a logical business sense, but because, because they are too afraid, that competitors do not move.

AMP is the right move numerous websites, but first consider all options Speed ​​up your site Before entering the AMP ship.


production A modern web That works for both SEO and users, not easy. A number of careful planning and technical development is needed in order, to be helpful, contain valuable content; It is safe; That works on mobile; And that fast.

The website speed is often lower priority can be ignored, but this is a very important part of the Quartet. There are several free ways Test the speed of your website And many provide good guidance to improve the number of problems.

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