Miket is kerestünk 2022-ben a Google szerint?

As usual, a Google every year it publishes a list of the most popular terms in a kind of annual roundup. It reports on top-listed search terms divided into various categories, which we admit, provides a great cross-section of global and national changes. So what interested us the most this year? Let's see.

Global searches

Among the most sought-after terms in the world are clearly the keywords were standing, which received a huge press coverage anyway. In addition to the Ukrainian war, the death of Queen Elizabeth, and of course it can be connected to these, they searched for news about economic and political change the most. However, a game and a sports event also reached the top list. The first was a game called Wordle, which could have received so much interest, because the New York Times bought it. And the latter, surprisingly, involved the search for the England-India Cricket World Cup. Who would have thought, that so many people didn't come for a soccer match, right? Other than that, The searches at the top of the list are probably already guessed by everyone. The case of Johnny Depp and his ex-wife stirred up a lot of dust, and the Eufória and Sárkánok háza series also landed at the top, also Thor: Searches for the movie Love and Thunder. And the search for Will Smith is almost not worth mentioning anymore, because everyone knows, that it was probably that ominous slap that put his name on the top search list of Google.

Domestic inquiries: or what interested the Hungarians the most?

From a domestic perspective, the Hungarians were naturally much more concerned with the neighboring country's war, like say Americans. As a result, there are countless such top-listers keyword born, which is related to this. The number of expressions related to the weakening forint and the economic crisis occupied a significant part of the top lists. In addition, domestic current events also performed very well. The elections, census and of course utility reduction were all such words, which the inhabitants of our country searched for most often. But in addition to the gloomy situation, however, there were also plenty of top searches with a better atmosphere. More people were interested in the X Factor or I'm a Celeb, for example, Ments of innen! program, as well as the already mentioned House of Dragons series.

Search interests

Google sorts searches into separate categories. In connection with this, for example, there are also top-listed recipes and plants, which were also all listed with very high search rates. Philodendron topped the list among plants, of which nowadays very special variations can be obtained since the pandemic, therefore it is no wonder, that more people have clicked on indoor gardening. For example, among the recipes, Paneer Pasanda, an Indian dish, did similarly well, and it looks like that, that many more people tried homemade cakes this year, as ever before. We all know, that the internet is mainly dominated by cats, accordingly, the first three top lists, the search for animals is also occupied by cats in various variations. Of course, the dogs were not left out either, since, for example, Aspin, i.e. the Askal breed follows the line immediately after the velvet-soled ones.

finally: what are these evaluations good for??

A Google Trends your published statistics are real, and they give a very good impression of the society of our time, about his thoughts and habits. Based on these, even we ourselves can find our way globally effectively, because we see it, what most people do in each country. The various top lists are therefore not only interesting, but they are also extremely useful.

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