WordPress was originally "just" started as a blog platform, but it developed into a full content management system today. all this, While it remains a popular blogging platform among users. According to the monthly data over visitation 409 as the browser million WordPress sites, who during this time 22,4 look at page billion. In itself, this fact is sufficient to prove, WordPress matter very popular platform among users.

WordPress offers many useful functions for those, who wish to start their own blog page. Blog owners do not have the experience at the same time - you can perform search engine optimization blogoldaluk wrong - despite all the online help is available.

This box provides an overview about the most common WordPress SEO mistakes, that they were committed in ignorance or mere negligence. Actually, all the same, what & eacute; rt, since these errors affect its position in the order of precedence blog, and can reflect negatively on your online reputation. let ', Presentation made by the WordPress blog owners Seven most common SEO error.

1, Inappropriate search engine optimized blog template used.

WordPress offers a variety of information related to the search engine of blogs, which can be very useful, when we want to move up in the rankings. But if you're still new to blogging, then maybe, that overlooks our attention over them. If you are not using search engine optimized blog template, then, obviously at a disadvantage compared to those, for those who rely on. A number of these web templates, you can choose themes, For example, Divi, MagPlus, Jevelin etc.. themes, Templates can also be appropriate when you start Word Press blog.

2, Search engines optimized contact form missing

Even if your WordPress blog recently launched, We also need to offer our followers a point of contact. We can also do this, if the number of visitors is less than expected. The contact form is perfectly serve the said purpose. Essentially, we are talking about a conversion program interface, which is optimized for the right SEO keywords can help your visitors, They are easy to find our blog, thus increasing turnover.

3, We do not buy domain name

If the default, blog address pre-assigned to run on a free WordPress blog, We probably will not be as successful, as they want. A blog or a website because only works well in the case, If the target audience according to functional requirements. The right domain name identifies the site and prepares the way for visitors, to express their expectations related. If you do not buy domain name, even traffic generated by the blog, nor we will not be satisfied with its position in the search engine ranking of site.

4, Missing optimizing images on the blog

Great blog only way we can create, that if the relevant content, combined with original and high-quality images. Still, many Wordpress blog and website owners forget to optimize these images. So it is very important, that the images on your WordPress blog is SEO point of view it is correct, as they help in faster loading page, and Google Page Speed ​​scores increase.

A blog to ask for optimizing images for WordPress picture optimization pluginjeitől. Such as Smush It, ewww the Image Optimizer and also TinyPNG. These extensions help of the images without compression, affecting their resolution, and to arrange for search engine optimization of images.

5, We chose the wrong keywords

If you are familiar with SEO world, it will not be surprising, that - like other websites - the blog availability is entirely dependent on the selected keywords from search engine optimization. Finding the right keywords can be very complex and time-consuming task, But - if properly carried out - can do wonders in connection with blogunkkal.

So we need to use keywords, which:

• define the topic of the content offered by us,
• have low competition, or
• often used for these users

6, Not focused on the site's load speed

Greatly affect traffic, and the ratio of the site is abandoned: blog load time. Verily, already 2-3 We can also lose a lot of visitors seconds longer load time.

If we really take this problem seriously, you can use a cache plugin. W3 Total Cache such as, Fastest Cache WP Super Cache or WP caches. These extensions are easy to handle, and you can speed up your WordPress blog is.

Do not be afraid nor ódzkodnunk, to invest in a reliable webhoszting service with, because they solve a problem with the blog server, as well as well as play an important role in connection with the overall operation and speed of the site.

7, We do not focus on the content and legibility

Probably one of the most important aspects of the content of the blog, design and construct a fully depends on us. If we are committed to flawless for Search Engine Optimization, the content must be of superior quality. Make a connection with the blog content we offer the following:

• Prepare an original and relevant content for your target audience!
• Make sure, that the content is readable and useful, and shared the célközönségünknek!
• Regularly use a plug-in to blogunkhoz, such as the Editorial Calendar. With this we can guarantee a regular and consistent blogging, with the help we can get lasting traffic.


Sometimes experienced numerous blog owner, It follows that the technical and on-page SEO mistakes. Then look for content marketers and SEO agencies, to ensure the blog side of search engine optimization. The biggest defects, however, easily előkerülhetők a mandatory checklist for preparing.

So today we analyze our WordPress blog, and inspect, e did not follow any of the above-mentioned errors. If yes, then we can overcome them as soon as possible, hopefully, or remove the blogunkból. If we once created a solid SEO content strategy, and we have the perfect action plan to optimize our blog Search, sure, that we will be able to refine and improve overall SEO performance WordPress blog.

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If you liked it, Please share it with your friends!