App Store Optimization

As more and more mobile applications are available in various application stores, therefore vital, to find our own app as many as possible. That's what it's for App Store Optimization, ASO for short, which means optimization for app stores.

As a result of this process, our app will appear in better places on the hit lists of such stores, more visitors will find it, and therefore can be used by more than one person. Similar to search engine optimization (SEO), the ASO also focuses on certain factors. These are the conditions, in the performance or quality of which the robots compiling the hit lists give our software an advantage.

The primary ASO factors include application name / address and keywords, the number of downloads is secondary, number and quality of evaluations. By optimizing these factors, we can expect even more users than before.

Application title

The title of the application is, which immediately appears to visitors, therefore, algorithms also pay close attention to it. Based on experience, if we optimize the title with keywords, we can achieve up to 10% better rankings on the result lists.

What exactly can be used in the title, it is heavily tuned by most app stores. Maximum in the Apple store 30 we have characters to enter the address, and accumulating keywords can result in banning. Visitors don’t like apps like that anyway, which use names that seem unnatural, since in such cases they suspect, that fraud is in the background. And no one wants to let fraudulent apps on their smartphone.

Application description

A SEO-similar to the ASO also builds on the description, nor, in this case, are the robots used directly to compile the hit lists. For this reason, it is completely unnecessary to create a description for our app, which is teeming with keywords.

Visitors, in turn, read these written passages, this is why it's important, to grab their attention. We have to take care of that too, that most app stores only display a few hundred characters from the description, and hides the rest behind a further button or link. These are typically not opened by users, so we can farm from it, which also appears by default.

In the description, the main purpose is, to hand over exactly to those interested, what they can do with our app. This is where we need to pique their interest, to then click. You should not start telling about our company, but right away durr, Into the middle, and come to the point!


Some stores, such as the Apple Store, allows you to enter related keywords. These further help their algorithm work, and can be used to steer it in the right direction ASO is.

You should not use the same keywords, as we have already given in the title of the app, rather, choose others, which still fit within the available limit and are relevant. Apple Search Ads is available for iOS developers, which can be used for keyword research, but quite a few devices on the Internet can also research Apple keywords. Google's Keyword Tool can also be a perfect way to find your keywords.


The subtitle of the application is placed under the title, and usually just 10 allows you to enter a character. While in the title, users don’t take keyword accumulation in good name either, they are especially loved here, if we explain the app in a few relevant words. We don’t have to deal with branding here, as at the title, so take advantage of the opportunities to enter relevant keywords!

Reviews and feedback

User ratings and feedback that appear next to each application are critical, as these are often decided by other visitors, whether you should try the app. The apps that compile store lists also rely heavily on real feedback.

However, obtaining evaluations poses a serious task for us, since we want a lot of evaluations, but preferably only five, possibly from the four stars. For this reason, the user must be addressed directly in our application, and ask him for an evaluation.

According to surveys, the first 72 we have to do this within an hour, as almost 80% of users use an application only once, then it will never start again. We also need to allow time for that, to get to know the features, otherwise they will not write an evaluation.

Instead of a timer, it's a good idea to toss push notifications when a specific event occurs. Such a goal could be to take you through the first course of the game, completion of the first project, but even performing a specified number of tasks.

From time to time, no matter how much we care about quality, negative reviews may slip. These must be addressed and answered in any case. You may, that such random errors appear here, which we did not even know about. But it can also be, that for some reason users relate to a feature differently, as we planned. Responding to negative comments can reduce customer frustration, and other users will think so, that although there may be errors in the appal, worth a try. How much better it is, as the only orphaned negative opinions, of which he shouts, that the developer doesn’t care about its users at all!

Number of downloads

Ultimately, every developer strives for it, to get more people to download your app. A Google Play and that App Store algorithms also use this value when ranking. The number is also prominently displayed on the app's profile, this can encourage additional users to install.

It looks good with the best apps, that users require the presence of screenshots and demonstration videos. If we add these to the data sheet of our application, then users can view it, what is it about, and they do not have to decide invisibly. Experience has shown that applications with little info are not installed by humans, therefore it is ASO an important part of uploading them.

And when everything is ready, then all we have to do is strive, to keep our app as long as possible for our users. It's harder, as it seems, since, according to a survey, Americans 90 they have an application on their phone, of which 30 are used, Moreover 3 After months, on average, only a third of the installed apps are still there. The ratio may be similar in Hungary, an average mobile phone user constantly installs and removes apps outside of social media platforms, therefore it is ASO in addition to the important marketing and the existence of communication as well.

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