A significant milestone for Google. The search engine since the beginning of the year takes better account of the mobile version of website, as the desktop version. Currently used in mobile-first indexing more than half of all Web pages.

Although this project has been designed for years, but it is only now come to the realization. First presented in detail in 2016, how does the search index. Currently, Google is indexing your pages, and clearly focuses on the structured data in relation to understanding the version that appears on mobile content, ie it will also appear in the search results.

Very simple arguments behind the change. While Google's search engine has a majority of users on mobile, not living up to your desktop, while many site owners are still thinking about the desktop version of the site in relation to development.

Today there developed the so-called mobile devices. sensitive design, However, before this spread, many have set up a special website for mobile phone users to search for. However, the latter pages were simpler and less informative. Those users, who came to the same side of a Google search on these sites, so they could not access the information sought, only if, if you have entered your desktop computer.

That's why Google 2017 He began to move the focus of the so-called December. mobile-first indexing. They offered at the beginning of last year, Sites that follow mobile-first indexing as best practice, and noted, to the mobile version of websites prefer compared to Google AMP fast-loading pages.

notify - moved the first mobile-indexed web pages through the Search Console - as a message. Tomorrow's owner visits increased as viewed from Googlebot smartphone version of, that were created in order to explore the mobile version of web pages.

Cultivation, Google is trying to help the transition. Such is the URL checking tool, which help verify years, How is mapped, and indexed the URL of their website. Site owners can check their server logs too, where you can follow the Google bot incurred Smartphone, increased demand.

These days, According to the non-Google sites that use sensitive webdizájnt faced two common problems, when they try to move the first mobile-indexed. On one hand,, There are sites, and not using structured data from mobile sites - even, otherwise, if they are used on desktop. because that would help Google understand the content of the website, & Eacute; s enable & eacute; do, to highlight the content of the pages in the search results.

This applies knowledge graph results, a Google carousel-re (carousel), and any feature, which the search engine is able to offer more in the search results page,, compared to the usual blue list.

M & aacute; sr & eacute; szről, According to the company's mobile site for some of the alt-text is missing from the pictures, searchbot making it difficult to understand the content of images.

indubitable, Google at the beginning of the first mobile-preferred index has not been so sensitive to the use of the web. True, I have always said that, that the mobile-friendly content can help you "perform better" within mobile search results. It follows that, it has long been one of the many ranking factors, but it did not matter, the only ranking factor.

What will those pages, which is still moved to the mobile version? Google has not said this, but & uacute; It seems, that at some point will affect the ranking of the page, if the page is not updated to the mobile network.

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