If b & aacute; in connection with, RMI s & eacute; rd & eacute; nor would it buy a canonical & c; mk & eacute, then you get the t & aacute; bl & aacute; to p & eacute; nteket. In today's episode & oacute; dban the Rand meghat & aacute; Rozzi, how rel = canonical Dev & ouml; z & ouml; with & eacute; s No. & aacute; nd & eacute; c & eacute glycol; lzattal, when it is proposed, to I & aacute; LJA, how I & aacute; LJA, & Eacute; s stick & oacute; s situations, to steer & uuml; lje.

SEO best practices for canonical URLs

Click the above t & aacute; bl & aacute; & aacute unfold on the big; s & uacute; verzi & oacute; open & aacute; s & aacute; to a & uacute j tab!

Vide options | & Aacute; t & iacute; r & aacute; s

Howdy, Moz rajong options | k, & Eacute; s & uuml; dv & ouml; z & ouml; lj & uuml; k & eacute the Whiteboard p; m & ntek a aacute; planar ed & aacute; s & aacute; t. In the h & eacute; & eacute discuss ten; lj & uuml; n & k eacute; h & aacute; ny SEO best practices to canonize & aacute; ci & oacute; & Eacute; s c & I buy the rel = canonical; to; & MKE useful aacute; lat & aacute.

Before this megtenn & eacute; nk, & Uacute; gy think, to talk & eacute; need to live arr & oacute; l, what is the canonical URL, a canonical URL for a page not only signal & ouml; l, which c & eacute; lzunk or canonical members of the rel = I & aacute; ljuk. A kanoniz & aacute; ci & oacute; val & oacute; j & aacute; ban sokkal hosszabb, mint a rel = canonical tag, which appeared in 2009, & Eacute; s is a node & oacute; k & uuml; l & ouml; & ouml nb, zo thing, which is a canonical URL.

What the “kanonikus” URL?

First of all, I megpr & oacute; b & aacute; we say, this URL, what Google & eacute; s to t & ouml; bbi search engines indexing & eacute; s & eacute; to & eacute; s rank & aacute; s & aacute; to have no & uuml; kb & eacute; g. These m & aacute; s similar & oacute; Contents & uacute; URLs, or similar & oacute; c & eacute; are & lt aacute; l & oacute; or possibly accurate m & aacute; solated, but some OCN & aacute; l since tov & aacute; bbi include URLs, each of which tells the search engines: “No, no, This sr & aacute; c is here, what you want. ”

for example, there is a canonical URL, ABC.com/a.

I & aacute; l am very double; n & aacute an OCN. Tal & aacute; n is & ouml t; rt & eacute; t & nelmi aacute; RGY or probl & eacute; today the site & eacute; p & I buy; t & eacute; set & eacute; in. Tal & aacute; n c & aacute; nd & eacute; my saving manner. Tal & aacute; n & k follow a ouml; raises & eacute; si & eacute or tested; si, c & eacute; lb & oacute; l I. De ez az URL az ABC.com/b c & iacute; men tal & aacute; lhat & oacute;.

I & aacute; n has this m & aacute; sik verzi & oacute;, ABC.com/a?ref=twitter. What's going on? We, This is a URL param & eacute; ter. The URL param & eacute; v & aacute not ter; ltoztatja the content. The content is exactly the same, as the, but t & eacute; I do not want nyleg, Google & ouml; sszezavarodjon & eacute; s rank this verzi & oacute; t, ami t & ouml; rt & eacute; nhet az & uacute; ton. URLs are displayed I buy & c; mek, which is not the original verzi & oacute; s, n & eacute which, if ill URL param & eacute; & aacute rank spaces; n & eacute sa Google; if. N & eacute; if bleeding & oacute; t & ouml; get bb link, as it is the bleeding & oacute;, they are divided on Twitter, Buy &; this ring, which picked up all & eacute; s m & aacute; Solta, inserted & eacute; s & ouml; sszekapcsolt. s j & oacute; and this is all fine & eacute l, as long, M & I buy; g we know.

Or this, v Medium & aacute; Variation. This ABC.com/aprint.html. Teh & aacute; t all of these cases be loved & eacute; m say about Googleâ: “Do not indexed this, introduce this, This is not indexed, introduce this, This is not indexed. Describe this.

For this I & aacute; for referring rel = canonical, a href linket a Google-nak: “This page.” This document has the DEVELOPMENTAL c & c I buy; mk & eacute; j & eacute; you put your, & Eacute; s Google will know: “Aha, is an m & aacute; kl & oacute SOLAT or an n or m & aacute; Sola m & aacute; plane & oacute; l. I should rangsorolnom all my rankings, & Eacute; s Biztos RIVER & aacute so; m, it is the m & aacute; sik VÉRZŐ & oacute; ja. ”

A & eacute; bk & eacute; nt & ouml be; nigazol & oacute;. Teh & aacute; t t & ouml; k & eacute; in detail okay to ABC.com/a-nak, & Eacute; s & aacute this is useful, by either, & Eacute; s r & aacute; mutat & ouml; nmag & aacute; ra. Buy &; gy in the case, if someone, I've m & eacute; g & aacute never tal; lkozott, & Uacute; gy d & OUML; nt, inserting a s & eacute; rd & eacute; sjelet, something strange param & eacute; promoter & eacute; s it, No what you & oacute; l, m & eacute; g is always Google says: “H & eacute;, Kital & aacute; lj, what is that?”

Large. so, because it does not like & eacute; m, to be confused with Google, I & aacute; & aacute canonicalize canonicalize by either this; ci & oacute; s process. The rel = canonical & c I buy; & mke a great uacute; t. By the way, FYI, you can use & aacute; to live cross-domain. Tehát például, If uacute &; k & ouml tore; zz & eacute; I will make your content in A in something, as Medium.com/@RandFish, the amino FLY rim FLY Nyêmo szerint and K & ouml, the FLY p-Fi & oacute; com, / a, What tal & aacute; lsz? I'm going in a cross-domain rel = canonical to tell them: “This here.” We, m & eacute; g even, asked if Google & eacute; rk & eacute; m & aacute Pezi this; sik site, you will know, it is the original verzi & oacute;. Sz & eacute; p d navigation use h & OUML; s.

T & ouml; BBF & eacute; le m & oacute; don t lehet & ouml; bb URL-t kanoniz & aacute; LNI

T & ouml; BBF & eacute; m & oacute him, Don lehet kanoniz & aacute; LNI t & ouml; bb URL-t.

1. Rel = kanonikus.

I buy & mention; tem, the rel = canonical is not the only. This is one of Legian & aacute; bb j & aacute; nlott, it & eacute; rt lift in the first place. But there are m & aacute; s M & oacute; doc is, & Eacute; n & eacute s; if these m & aacute; I'd like to apply a lot & eacute; nk. There m & eacute; g & aacute not j; m & nlott oacute; also for culture, & Eacute; s & eacute; n is I will talk & eacute; LNI these.

2. 301 redirecting.

301 & aacute; tir & aacute; ny & buy; t & aacute; s basically a st & aacute; follicle & oacute d, Google is No. & oacute; l: “H & eacute;, you know what? I bet / b, I'll show you / does the. I do not want, to b & aacute; & aacute Anyone presence; it togassa, I do not want, hogy a webadatok elemz & eacute; s & eacute; vel megakad & aacute; lyozz & aacute; k a l & aacute; togat & aacute; sok adatait, learn & aacute; Case, what … Just 301 & Aacute; tir & aacute; ny & iacute; tsuk ezt a r & eacute; gi URL-t erre az & uacute; jra, right.

3. Buy & pass; v & eacute param, looking for places on Google & eacute; si console.

N & eacute; h & aacute; ny r & eacute; eye & I buy; rings, n & eacute; h & aacute; ny r & eacute; eyes can not. I think the very & ouml; sszetett tons of websites URL param & eacute; & eacute spaces, and a Pack & oacute; URL, It can only be an incredible f & aacute; jdalom, n & eacute; if you start a web dev team & aacute; to, & Eacute; s & iacute; g sz & oacute; ljon hozz & aacute;: “H & eacute;, I had to know & I buy; all this doctrine URL param & eacute; spaces. Bring & aacute; must specify the Canonical rel = & c I buy; mk & eacute; t the & ouml; TOTAL & uuml such k; l & ouml; nb & ouml; Zo page, & Eacute; s to be in this show. Here's the logic, that megcsin & aacute; cf.. ” They, mint: “Again, Kital á ljam, SEO is not our first order No. & aacute; k & ouml benchmarks for us; we sin may h & oacute; days, it & eacute; rt you have to deal with.”

Val & oacute; No & I buy; nűleg many SEO heard there, that own & aacute; t web dev team. We, I think, me? V & eacute; get it vethetsz, & Eacute; s is an j & oacute; M & oacute; the Fee, r & ouml; vid t & aacute; von do a & uuml k. Log into the Google search bar-fi & oacute; kj & aacute; ba, which joined the site & eacute; offer. Make & ouml; n it arr & oacute; l, verified that. Then & aacute; n basically you can tell Google to Search Parameters r & eacute; Holy Cross & uuml; l, that they buy some t &; & uacute pus; param & eacute; pass & spaces buy v.

Így például sessionid = blah, blah, blah. Be & aacute; ll RIVER thatja, Buy & that pass; be v. Be & aacute; ll RIVER thatja, that they buy some t &; & uacute pus; Buy & pass URLs; v. Be & aacute; ll RIVER thatja, You buy that pass & v & t be all I buy, pus & uacute; URL. This Grade I buy &; t say Google: “H & eacute;, Kital & aacute; lj, what is that, If l & aacute; tod this URL param & eacute; promoter, & uacute only; Eng treat, as a & aacute; usually drive & aacute; n l & eacute not; Tezno.” This can be useful to canonize & aacute; l & aacute; proceed.

4. Helyh & uacute; z & aacute; many I & aacute; lata.

Teh & aacute; t say, that the / by b with & oacute; c & eacute; lom basically As for the same content, as a, but a k & uuml; l & ouml; & nbs eacute; media, which meant, t & eacute that, today, subsection & eacute; I will keep a block away from the content, & Eacute; s on top of it & eacute; put all n. Teh & aacute; t on top of the & eacute; n l & eacute; cf. t & aacute; bla tollakr & oacute; l c & oacute; l, B to tolltart options | tollat ​​hone & eacute; cr & eacute; placing szre, & Eacute; s & eacute topped the sheets; t & aacute puts away; bl & aacute; Cat. We, it's the same content, same & searching eacute; si, c & aacute; nd & eacute; m k & ouml; g & ouml; cb. Same & they aacute; lom.

We, I think, me? The hash in the URL I & aacute; polluter pays & oacute;. Teh & aacute; it was a # b, & Eacute; s is someone jumps – This is a t & ouml; red & eacute; s URL can be called – ugr & aacute; l someone in that section of the site. L & aacute; thatja ezt p & eacute; ld & aacute; ul, Moz.com/about/jobs . I think, if you plug it in #listings , You can take the & aacute; ll & aacute; & aacute own; nlatokat. instead of, to read & aacute d, how to work in, simply lead you to work & aacute; s list & aacute; j & aacute; to. Most a Google úgy véli, to & ouml; URL TOTAL. Teh & aacute; t & aacute it will not k m & aacute; sk & eacute; prioritize them happen. Not receive M & aacute; sk & eacute; pp indexelteket. Basically the same URL may canonize & aacute; lva.

NO AJ & Aacute; NLOTT

É n Born We suggest, …

5. Google blocked a URL condition & eacute; rk & eacute; pez & eacute; s & eacute; t, nem to m & aacute; sik verzi & COLLISION t.

Because guess & aacute; we lj? Even so, If you were a robots.txt & aacute; LJA, & Eacute; s blocking Googlebot p & oacute; kj & aacute; t, & Eacute; s elk & uuml; LDI them, & Eacute; s nem & eacute; rik the, because robots.txt forbids / b was said, Google does not know, that the / b és / It contains the same content . that could?

You do not know & aacute; s & eacute condition; rk & eacute; agreement constitute. Teh & aacute; l & aacute was not; nothing tnak, It is here. L & aacute; thatatlan sz & aacute; mukra. It & eacute; rt no idea arr & oacute; l, the ranking signal, any links, any indicator & eacute; sek, the content flags & eacute; sek, ak & aacute; rmi rangsorok, which helps to rank better & I buy; tik, l & aacute not; thatj & aacute; s them. If this M & oacute; & I buy some for culture; ted, Now you say to Google, again, B is the same, as the, & some I buy; your forces, give me all ranked & aacute; s & eacute si; pess & eacute; get.

6. Nem javaslom az index & aacute; l & aacute; s z & aacute; rol & aacute; s & aacute; t.

& You buy; you can say Eng: “& Oacute;, h & aacute; t Rand, meta robots do not use & aacute; lok & Indexco I buy; mk & eacute; t, & Iacute; g & eacute to Google felt; rk & eacute; pezheti, l & aacute; thatja, that the content is the same, but do not let it, to index & eacute; s.” Tal & aacute; ld ki? The same probl & eacute; today. Ők l & aacute; thatj & aacute; k, that the content is the same, But if Google is not in & eacute; g intelligent enough, to automatically canonicalize canonicalize, I do not I buy & b; ny us & uuml; s, Always buy & b; zom yourself, l & eacute; carpet & eacute; was stuck again & aacute; governing them from, to & ouml; sszekapcsolj & aacute; s B On, & Eacute; and this is something, what is true & aacute; n you.

7. NOT RECOMMENDED & aacute; m 302, the 307 or 301 a & eacute b 30 I & aacute; lat & aacute; t.

Ez to Fick & oacute;, who want. Ez egy & aacute; lland & oacute; & Aacute; tir & aacute; ny & iacute; t & aacute; s. The delivery pip & oacute; No & I buy; probable, the legeredm & eacute; nyesebb to canonize & aacute; ci & oacute;, b & aacute; r Google said: “Often Manage & uuml; s & eacute et 301; s 302 was similar & oacute; m & oacute; don.” CIM & eacute; tel impose the & aacute; Lyt & oacute; l a 301 val & oacute; sz & iacute; nűleg jobb a kanoniz & aacute; ci & oacute; hoz. Tal & aacute; ld ki, what we want? Canonicalize!

8. Do 40x non-canonical verzi & oacute; t.

Teh & aacute; do not take t / b-j & eacute; t & eacute; s should be as, mint “& Oacute;, ok & eacute;, this is not the bleeding & oacute;, what we want t & ouml; bb & eacute ;.” Ha nem K & uuml; LDI-301 et, or rel = canonical is useful & aacute; LJA the DEVELOPMENTAL cben, then all signal & aacute; maze, & Eacute; s A to show me. If you buy & loss; ted them, If 404 I & aacute; lsz B. Now m & aacute; r & eacute all B markers; s missing. It is a sad & uacute; & Eacute; s horrible thing. This does not want to do.

This is the only case, If the site is very uacute & j or error. Do not you believe, it is ranked & oacute; signal, & Eacute; s is a node & oacute; m & aacute; s probl & eacute; m & aacute; ja. You do not want to deal with, it must retain the URL & eacute; s the & aacute; tir & aacute; ny & it buys; t & aacute; st & uacute length; t & aacute; von. B RIVER rs & aacute; g. But if it's a real URL, & Eacute; s val & oacute; di emberek megl & aacute; togatt & aacute; k, & Eacute; s with & oacute; di people switch & oacute; dtak unto & aacute;, then what? & Aacute; t & aacute kell go; ny & iacute; tanod, because he likes & eacute; d save these signals.

When to canonize URLs & aacute; to live?

finally, Last but not & oacute; row, I should URLs & beazonos I buy; be & eacute; s not?

I. If the content is ok I buy & v & uuml; l & oacute similar; Yet precisely or & eacute; best efforts.

We, if the content is ok I buy & v & uuml; l & I buy similar, or exactly Double-& aacute; l s & eacute; t k & uuml; l & ouml; & ouml nb, zo URL, s & eacute; t & t and ouml; bb URL, You will always & ouml; s & uuml be adder; llyednie, & Eacute; s only one should you buy & beazonos; tania.

II. If the content is the same (or k & ouml; identical zel) No search & aacute; nd & eacute; s & aacute; t & aacute are; LJA (m & eacute; g even, ha KW c é ljai kiss & eacute; elt é SLNK egym & aacute; st & oacute; s).

If the content is not double & aacute; l, Tal & aacute; n & k eacute; t have cards, which are completely unique t & aacute; blah feathers & eacute; t & aacute s; bl & aacute; in connection with, but against the & eacute; from, that the content subject & uuml; l & aacute; ll & oacute;, ie fr & aacute; zis & eacute; s in the same sentence structure, this does not mean that, that it should not canonicalize canonicalize.

P & eacute; ld & aacute; ul ez a t & aacute; bla p & eacute; nteken az rel = kanonikus, a kanoniz & aacute; l & oacute; d & aacute; s haszn & aacute; lat & aacute; val foglalkozik r & eacute; gi verzi options | 2009-from. We will take into account the r & eacute; & oacute verzi gi; t, & Eacute; s I & aacute; LNI will rel = canonical. We & eacute; rt we use & aacute; to live a rel = canonical? Annak & eacute; rdek & eacute; ben, to m & eacute; g & always bring aacute; f & eacute; Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager r & eacute; gihez, If an OCN & aacute; l & eacute reason I love it; l & aacute; TNI originally published in 2009 verzi & oacute; t. But six & aacute; rozottan I do not like & eacute; nk, that people l & aacute; togass & aacute; s & uuml of this; Messages, & Eacute; s say you want to Google: “H & eacute;, The most fresh, az & uacute; j, Best of uacute & j verzi & oacute;, Now you n & eacute; zel. ” I know, this kiss & eacute; meta, but it's a whole & eacute; & aacute singlet-like benefits, lats.

What is & ouml; I want to become lodged, No search & aacute; nd & eacute; s. Teh & aacute; if the content is the same or nearly the same search sz & aacute; nd & eacute; s & aacute; t & aacute are; LJA, even, If the keyword & oacute; c & eacute; lz & aacute; s bit m & aacute; s, You love it & eacute;, the t & ouml; BBF & eacute; & oacute verzi down; dry & uuml; be ntethető. Google is working much better & aacute; v & eacute t; gez a ranked content & aacute; s & aacute; in, a lot of j & oacute; Show & oacute; t indicate many, many switches & oacute; d & oacute; keyword-& oacute; to, instead, Many pages, each salve & eacute; n & eacute elt; ro v & aacute; ltozatokat c & eacute; a loz. Plus, f & aacute; j & oacute; f & aacute; jdalma, to all m & aacute; s content to & aacute; lljon. The best of the best are content & aacute; LJA in one place.

III. If uacute &; k & ouml tore; zz & eacute; or do I buy & fresh, or will I buy fresh &; r & eacute do, gi content.

Mint a tábori péntek példa, I only use & aacute; ltam, the bleed & ouml; bb = canonical case, should be useful in the rel & aacute; lnod. Van n & eacute; h & aacute; ny kiv & eacute; tel. If you love & eacute; preserve this r & eacute; gi & verzi oacute; t, but they like & eacute;, if the R & eacute; gi verzi & oacute; uacute the rankings & j verzi & oacute; to & eacute; arrives, then R & eacute; gi & verzi oacute; t & oacute; l c & aacute; rmaz & oacute; Get content & aacute; t, & Eacute; s & uacute; k & ouml tore; zz & eacute; you can make it. Ezut & aacute; n vedd & aacute; t & eacute; s ir & aacute; ny & iacute; tsd & aacute; t, or put k & ouml; zz & eacute; the & uacute j verzi & oacute; t, & Eacute; s bleeding & oacute; be it, that canonical, & Eacute; s r & eacute; gi & verzi oacute; l & eacute; tezik a URL, Now that s & eacute; No & I buy; to & eacute; l, R & eacute; gi / r & eacute; gi. RIVER g r & eacute; gi tartalom STILL jb & COLLISION li k & ouml; zz & eacute; TEA; tele, friss RIVER TEA; is, friss RIVER TEA; is, & Aacute; ltal & aacute; ban a canonicaliz & aacute; ci & oacute; az & uacute; t, & Eacute; s may retain the r & eacute; gi & verzi oacute; t, if you want.

IV. If content, a termék, the singer & eacute; ny etc.. M & aacute; r & aacute not; ll have & eacute; sre, & Eacute; s k & ouml; m & zel aacute; s the best URL I buy & c, m.

If you have a content, amely lej & aacute; r, a content, termék, Esem & eacute;, something like, which mind & uuml; l, m & aacute; r & eacute not; Rhett in, & Eacute; s a k & ouml; thou hast sinned best verzi & oacute; ja, the bleeding & oacute;, With that you believe is & oacute; No & I buy; nűleg solve the probl Search & eacute; m & aacute; it & eacute; s & oacute with; No & I buy; nűleg m & aacute; also earn much, In this case canonicalize canonicalize & aacute; lhatsz, & Aacute; ltal & aacute; ban egy 301-tel, rel = not canonicalan, because you do not want, presence of someone & aacute; r & eacute to togassa, gi page, where nothing & aacute; ll have & eacute; sre. He wants, that all the search engines, both motors & aacute; tker & uuml; the & ljenek uacute j verzi & oacute; to, RIVER g j & oacute; & Ouml; TLET l & eacute; nyeg & eacute; ben 301 re-.

Ok é, people. V & aacute; rakoz & aacute; ssal tekint a rel = canonicals, a kanonikus URL-ekre & eacute; s a kanoniz & aacute; l & aacute; sra vonatkoz & oacute; k & eacute; rd & eacute; seire a SEO-ben. & Eacute; s j & ouml; vő h & eacute; ten & uacute; jra tal & aacute; lkozunk a Whiteboard p & eacute; ntek m & aacute; sik kiad & aacute; s & aacute; val. Vigy & aacute; zz yourself.

Vide options | & Aacute; t & iacute; r & aacute; s & Aacute; their approach Speechpad.com

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