How to gain success online? - Full steam ahead towards the on-page SEO!

Verily, most of the time spent on search engine optimization of human and material resources are especially scarce in the companies' disposal. In this case, many people make the mistake, that only the link building, and focus on the construction of proper relations page. No wonder, because usually these SEO techniques can be implemented more easily and with less cost, like to make a quality website. But in order to achieve the best possible ranking, az on-page, that one should have neglected the website in search engine optimization ...

Let's start with your own site optimization!

Take a simple example. If a website is about cars, then users will obviously not written in the Web site to find a "shoe shopping" keywords. Even, if a thousand pages - on this topic - has a link pointing back.
What does this imply? The, before that were to focus on an off-page factors, such as back links, or even the Community notices, we must first focus on on-page optimization. Only thereafter - or simultaneously -érdemes build external contacts the website, confirming that the: the on-page factors are in place. Let's look at a few tips for effective on-page optimization!

Show your website the right keywords!

First of all: There are a number of factors, which we have to make in order, be sure that the site you can find the right keywords.

  • If you are highly relevant website only key phrase, We can achieve better classification, as if it would be of relevance in relation to the above multiple keyword. It follows that, to target a maximum of two keyword or keyword phrase per page.
  • Use the main keyword in the title of our website, because it shows the relevance of the search engines for that keyword page.
  • Use the key phrase is heading tag of website. Which sometimes help, within the page URL address we have targeted keyword. It is further preferred, If images on the website are also included descriptions of related keywords.
  • Our website also includes content that you want to find keywords on Search Engines. Do not write content for the search engines, but also provide a useful sites, that we can help and inform our visitors.
  • Important, that the keywords are included in the appropriate elements of the Web sites. If a keyword is used too often, it will impact on spam

Indexed our site!

If the keywords are already well, They have the following navigation elements, such as the site menus, or feet- and headers. Remember, that good navigation is not only helping the search engines to index your web pages, but also so that users will prefer to browse our site:

  • Our site navigation elements are logical in construction, easy to use, last but not least are easy to find!
  • The internal links on our site may also contain keywords that relate to our business.
  • Important, the quality of our website, have a quality look and feel.
  • In order to maximize the user experience of our site should load as quickly as possible.
  • Whenever possible, use static URLs, such as the generally more popular among users and search engines.
  • Use extended snippeteket, which is a short description of the content of a page. With the help of these extracts can be provided in text, site to stand out from the other websites in the search results list Results.
  • Be aware of the different devices using either site audit! Usually, such tools are not only, to perform automatic section control, but also show the critical errors that can occur.

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