How to get online success? - Full steam ahead for on-page SEO!

Sure, most of the time, human and especially material resources that can be used for search engine optimization are scarcely available to companies. In such cases, many people make that mistake, that only for link building, and they focus on building the right connections for the site. No wonder, hiszen rendszerint az ilyen SEO technikák egyszerűbben és kisebb költségek árán valósíthatók meg, how to make a quality website. But to get the best possible rating, the on-page, in other words, we shouldn't ignore search engine optimization within the website either...

Let's start the optimization on our own page!

Let's take a simple example. If a website is about cars, then users will obviously not find the given website by entering the keyword "shoe shopping".. Not even then, if the given page has thousands of relevant backlinks.
What follows from this? The, that before we focus on such off-page factors, such as backlinks, or social signals, we need to focus on on-page optimization first. Only then - or at least at the same time - is it worth building the external links of our website, that we are convinced: the on-page factors are in place. Let's look at some tips for effective on-page optimization!

Display the appropriate keywords on our website!

First of all: there are some factors, of which we must make sure in order to do so, so that our site can be found for the right keywords.

  • If our website is specifically relevant to a single keyword, then we can get a better rating, as if the relevance is related to several keywords. It follows that, to target no more than two keywords or key phrases per page.
  • Use your main keyword in your website title, because this shows search engines the relevance of the page to the given keyword.
  • We also use the keyword in the heading of our website. Which can sometimes help, to have a targeted keyword within the page URL. It is also expedient, ha a weboldalunkon található képek megnevezései szintén tartalmazzák a kapcsolódó keywords.
  • The content of our website also includes keywords that search engines want to find. Don't write content for search engines, but to create useful pages, with which we can help and inform our visitors.
  • Important, that the keywords appear as appropriate elements of the web pages. If a keyword is used too often, then it will appear as spam

Let's index our site!

If the keywords are already in order, then the navigation elements follow, such as the menu items on our site, or leg- and headers. Remember, that good navigation does not only help search engines to index websites, but because of this, users will also prefer to browse our site:

  • The navigation elements of our website should be logically structured, they are easy to use, and last but not least, they are easy to find!
  • The internal links on our website also contain keywords related to our business.
  • Important, that our website is of high quality, have a quality look.
  • In order to maximize the user experience, our site should load as quickly as possible.
  • Unless possible, use static URLs, because they are usually more popular among users and search engines.
  • Let's use extended snippets, which means a short description of the content of the given page. We can provide it with the help of such text extracts, so that our site stands out from other websites in the search results list.
  • Don't forget about the use of various website audit tools! As a rule, such devices are not only, that an automatic check is carried out on our site, but also show the critical errors that arise.

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