Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2017-05-02T13:55:26+02:00
I would like to be preparing website, They will also be able to help?2014-09-01T14:24:32+02:00

In recent years a lot of website (t & OUML; bb mint 100) made mainly based CMS, so happy to prepare your website, but today's requirements best wordpress CMS is best, it is recommended. The design and functionality of the website which basically determines the operation, conversion capability, If your website is made of any one of us it's going to cause a problem.

What experience, SEO references with respect?2014-09-01T14:28:01+02:00

We have many companies and is currently working on, Most of the references will not be published at the request of customers, Ask this case we presented only by e-mail.

There are also questions, Who can you go?2014-09-01T14:30:44+02:00

Call or send an e-mail, even sit down to talk to you personally, If required by the project. usually skype, telephone, Email liaison work well and quickly, but if you consider it appropriate personal contacts, even we are open to!

If I'm not 6 After months satisfied with what you can do?2014-09-01T14:46:30+02:00

The success fee contracts 6 connected month grace period, if we can not produce a result which satisfied this time, you can terminate the contract without any consequences!

I get what guarantee?2014-09-01T14:58:17+02:00

We commissioned contingent fee, So you do not have to pay anything in advance in advance, why not take a risk materials.

What is the optimization process?2014-09-02T07:02:04+02:00

1, assess the work, determine the short- and long-term goals
2, In agreement we make a contract
3, determine the keywords
4, adjusted website, content accordingly
4, offite promoted website, products
5, prepare analysis, watching the results