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We know the solution! We are Borsodians too!
We have 15 years of experience, with many satisfied customers.
With us, your business will be successful!
CONTACT SEO Miskolc - Keresőoptimalizálás Borsodban SEO Miskolc - Keresőoptimalizálás Borsodban
Google Ads, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram campaign
planning, workmanship. Your business with us will be successful!
CONTACT SEO Miskolc - Keresőoptimalizálás Borsodban SEO Miskolc - Keresőoptimalizálás Borsodban
Our services: onsite, offsite Hungarian and International SEO.
With us, your business will be successful even abroad.
CONTACT SEO Miskolc - Keresőoptimalizálás Borsodban SEO Miskolc - Keresőoptimalizálás Borsodban


Our mission to Borsodiak: More customers and much better conversions!

Welcome to the INTEC SEO marketing agency website, At Miskolc's leading online marketing and consulting service provider! Led by SEO expert Csaba Kis and his experienced team, this is our goal, to help your business succeed in the digital space.

Online marketing

Online marketing is one such marketing method, which helps businesses achieve their goals using digital tools and platforms. The social media, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising are just a few examples from the online marketing toolbox.

There are many benefits of online marketing for businesses:

  1. Increase in visibility: With the help of online marketing, your business can easily reach the target audience and increase its awareness.
  2. Higher conversion rate: Online marketing makes it possible, to reach the target audience with precisely targeted ads, which can result in a higher conversion rate.
  3. Cost effectiveness: Online marketing usually costs less, than traditional marketing methods, so businesses can achieve more results with less investment.

According to statistics, 60% of businesses believe so, that their income has increased thanks to online marketing (Source: This means, that if you are not yet using online marketing for your business, then you can fall behind your competitors.

Our services

The INTEC SEO marketing agency offers a wide range of services, which we adapt to the needs of your business:

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO): Little Csaba, the SEO expert and his team will help you optimize your website, to achieve a better ranking in search engines and attract more visitors.
  2. Social media marketing: Our social media experts help your business with creative strategies and effective advertising, to reach and retain your target audience, as well as increase brand awareness.
  3. E-mail marketing: With our email marketing service, we create personalized and effective email campaigns, which help convert newsletter subscribers and build long-term customer relationships.
  4. Paid ads (PPC): Our paid advertising experts help you create cost-effective PPC campaigns, which bring targeted traffic to your website, and increase the conversion rate.
  5. Content marketing: Our content marketing team is top quality, creates interesting and informative content, that attract and retain audiences, and promote brand loyalty.
  6. Web design and development: We create attractive and user-friendly websites through our professional web design and development services, which are optimized for search engines and help your business grow.
  7. Digital marketing consulting: Csaba Kis and the team's experienced consultants will help you determine the best digital marketing strategy for your business, and they give such practical advice, that help you achieve your goals.

Why choose the INTEC SEO marketing agency?

The INTEC SEO team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals, who are constantly educating themselves about the latest digital marketing trends and tools. We are confident with our personalized approach and high quality services, that your business will be successful in the digital space.

Contact us with confidence, and let's start the digital success of your business together!

SEO Hungary front desk

About me

SEO Miskolc - Keresőoptimalizálás Borsodban

I coordinate online marketing work. 2005 I have been dealing with online marketing as my main activity since. Learning the basics through courses and self-taught, to this day i am a frequent visitor to marketing festivals and am constantly training myself. We have already taken many well-known and smaller businesses to success, references are of course available on request. Our main target group is foreign companies, who want to conquer the market in Hungary and Hungarian companies, who want to sell successfully abroad. follow me facebookon, instagramon and linkedin-You can find it too.

Our online marketing services

If you can't find something, then feel free to ask. We cover the entire field of online marketing.

SEO references

Recent reference works.


Our prices

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make an accurate offer without detailed information. In general, we recommend the following packages.


  • What does it contain?
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • 10 link building
  • Exploring technical problems
  • Consultation
  • Report
  • Period: 30 nap


  • What does it contain? Everything you need to get started!
  • Website onsite repair
  • Keyword analysis
  • 4 (social) registration
  • 8 link building
  • Google search console and analytics registration
  • Report
  • Consultation
  • Period: 30 nap


  • What does it contain? Everything you need to fix it!
  • Understandable SEO audit
  • Link profile analysis
  • Repair work control
  • Verification of work performed
  • Consultation
  • Google search console and analytics registration
  • Report
  • Period: 30 nap
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Written by our customers

Excellent team, effective and persistent, already 10 I have been working with them for years!

Magyar Endre, Magyar Endre

I am glad, that I chose them 7 year ago, we have been working together successfully ever since!

János Gátas, White Dental

Since I work with them, my website traffic is much higher, convert more efficiently and better.

Tamás Horváth, Design Ker Kft.

Personal consultation in our office in Miskolc or by phone. FREE!

Come to our office in Miskolc and we will discuss your needs in person, expectations. If you can't come, then we will go to you at a pre-arranged time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, this is not the answer here, if you have any questions left feel free to write or give us a call.

What a guarantee I get?2014-09-01T14:58:17+02:00

We accept a successful award, so you don’t have to pay anything upfront, therefore, its materials do not take risks.

Who would you recommend your service to??2022-04-30T11:04:19+02:00

We are mainly smaller companies, SME, we target individual companies. Our capacity is finite, not our target market is multis.

With what experience, have a reference in the field of SEO?2014-09-01T14:28:01+02:00

We have worked for a lot of companies and still work today, most of the references are not public at the request of the customers, we can only present this by e-mail if you request a quote.

What is the course of work?2022-04-30T10:55:13+02:00

1, we analyze your website, link profile 2, we look for the best keywords 3, we adjust the content accordingly 4, we promote your website

I don't know you, how do i trust you?2022-04-30T11:28:40+02:00

Understandable! Mi 15 We have been dealing with online marketing for years, we started with our own things and achieved success, that is why we continued with our customers (we were hosting providers). We have references, most of which are not public, but if you ask we will send you an email. We still operate servers. We have a computer shop, we are also physically present. We have an office where we also receive clients, come and ask for a free consultation.

How do I get first in the search engine?2022-04-30T10:58:45+02:00

These are not enough these days, if your goal, that 1-2 will be ranked first in the search engine then you are on the wrong track. Our goal is to be known and trusted, we communicate this. Be available on all online channels, so you will be popular and successful. We will help you with that!

How much does search engine optimization cost?2022-04-30T11:08:57+02:00

This is an unanswered question unfortunately because no specific work is defined. You can find some pre-designed packages on our website for a starting price, of course we can deviate from that, but you need to know the project, to that, to make an offer.

If I'm not 6 after months satisfied then what can I do?2014-09-01T14:46:30+02:00

Successful contracts 6 months with a grace period, if during this time we are unable to show a result that you are satisfied with, then you can terminate the contract without any consequences!

I still have questions, who can i turn to?2014-09-01T14:30:44+02:00

Call or email, we can even sit down to talk to you in person, if required by the project. Usually skype, phone, email communication works well and fast, but if you consider personal contact to be appropriate, then we will not shy away from it either!

I also want to have a website, they can also help?2014-09-01T14:24:32+02:00

A lot of websites in recent years (more than 100) we made it mainly on CMS basis, so we are happy to make your website, but wordpress CMS best meets today's expectations, we recommend this. The design and features that fundamentally determine the operation of a website, conversion ability, if you create the website with us then none of it will be a problem.

What kind of online marketing work do you undertake?2022-04-30T11:01:48+02:00

Virtually everything from design to execution.

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